Women in the Workplace Issues and Challenges

An interesting survey among major corporate giants around the world confirms that women have demonstrated their wonderful presence in almost all industries and in large numbers. They are strong, intelligent, technically competent and emotionally brave compared to their male counterparts. As such, they are rightly called the corporate women of the new era. But despite achieving such huge laurels, women in the workplace still face many obstacles. Gender bias and sexual harassment are not only what we are talking about, but there are some more problems that are major obstacles for women to grow in the corporate scene.

1. Pregnancy Discrimination

Being a working woman can become extremely difficult when it comes to having a baby. Many women are afraid to start a family knowing that their career will probably be affected. In fact, The Guardian reports that approximately 50,000 women a year lose their jobs as a result of pregnancy or having a child, while many workers return to work only to realize that their job duties have changed or that they can no longer progress . within his role. Why should we continue to deal with this type of discrimination? Men do not have the same problem when they become fathers, but they also sacrifice most of their personal time when raising a child.

Women in the Workplace Issues and Challenges

2. Sexual Harassment

The complicated issue of sexiem and harassment in the workplace has become even more evident in recent years, with women gathering the courage to share their horrible stories. It is said that women still face these kinds of challenges in the workplace. Why does your sexiest boss think you can lure him into his office alone and try to seduce him or make a sexist comment while passing by his desk? We are all the same in the workplace, so if a colleague tries to belittle you, gather the courage and put the sexist pig back in his place.

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3. Gender Bias:

Gender bias is another challenge that many women experience in their workplace. Although we can say that corporate offices are closing the gender gap slowly, private institutions and government offices are still far away. Jobs that require frequent travel, physical effort, etc., are still open to men, as they are considered more eligible than women. Many companies, while hiring employees, openly ask them about their marriage and family planning, since they cannot afford maternity leave and other flexibility advantages. One must understand that women are blessed with the opportunity to bring another soul to this world and this factor should not be an obstacle to their growth and progress. It is a promising change to see that many social welfare organizations such as the UN are raising this concern worldwide and are committed to eliminating gender bias in the workplace.

4. Work-life imbalance:

Another more notable challenge facing today’s women in the workplace is the imbalance between work and life. Differentiating personal life and professional career becomes little difficult for women in general. They tend to mix work commitments with personal priorities and that’s when the whole problem begins. The family feels neglected, friends feel lost and, unfortunately, they have to face the anger of their entire support system just because they have forgotten to draw the line between work and life. This challenge is mostly self-imposed and to get out of this disaster, the woman has to help herself. She needs to set her priorities correctly and plan her day well in advance. If you have to attend a family event and are asked to attend a corporate dinner that is not planned according to it, you need to gather courage and politely reject the latter as you have committed to your family. All you need to manage is time and effort, then everything fits.

Power play:

With the dawn of the millennium, women are ready for a difficult fight. Many women leaders have vehemently stated that it took them a long time and a lot of courage to survive the politics of the power game and reach their current position in their workplace. Driven by emotion and instinct, for women who survive office politics is one of the most difficult challenges, as it can damage their inner soul and disrupt their peace of mind. Instead of being prey to this false ego, capable leaders should encourage healthy camaraderie among co-workers, whether male or female. In addition, practicing the art of treating criticism as a feedback mechanism is the best way to address this challenge in the workplace.

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Restroom gossips:

The office without gossip dealers is like a cake without frosting. Tea breaks, lunchtime, and bath meetings are the place and time when gossip is created and spread. When a woman reaches a respectable position in her workplace, there is always much speculation about her trip to that position. Some comment on their ability, while others comment on their friendly attitude. Such comments sound too harsh and often force the girl to leave her papers. But in deeper thinking, this challenge can be easily handled if you can sit quietly and think. All you will have to do is not correspond to any resentment. Women must know how to face and overcome this emotional challenge calmly. In a world where good and bad coexist, women must increase their emotional quotient and let their work speak for them instead of participating in verbal battles.

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