Women often do not support each other, but there is no reason not to do so. Women can support each other in their professional relationships. Facebook’s director of operations, Sheryl Sandberg, has recruited celebrities from list A to help her convey the message that co-workers do not have to become enemies to excel in the workplace.

Balance being a leader and a team player.

If you have the opportunity to be a mentor, choose to be a mentor to other women. Be honest and fair. It is important to offer constructive criticism, but it is also important to recognize the improvements and offer positivity. Therefore, encourage your trainees to take risks, to look for opportunities for which they may not be 100% qualified. Encourage them to learn, to ask questions, to express their opinions without apology.

Similarly, if you want to find a mentor, ask a woman to fulfill that role.

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Pay attention to women peers

While it may seem easier to be a mentor or mentor for women below or above you, it may be more difficult for you to have a relationship with another woman who has the same role. But try to build trust and respect instead of worrying about whether your colleague is doing a better job than you. Have an open and honest conversation about the work assigned to you. You can realize that your individual strengths can be combined and result in greater and better performance.

Sponsor and promote women

While mentoring can be very useful, the key to helping another woman is to sponsor her in the workplace. Sponsoring means that you suggest the name of a worthy colleague for a new project or cast your vote for it if a promotion is being considered. A woman in a superior position must be attentive to a younger employee who promises and can be a good protégé. Younger employees can establish contacts with women in high-level positions and seek professional advice.

Celebrate each other

In your workplace, praise the great ideas and decisions made by other women. On a larger scale, promote art created by women, books and advances in science to which women have been part. In your workplace, praise the great ideas and decisions made by other women. Support them openly and publicly and make sure your credit and hard work are taken into account. If other women are interrupted, help them draw attention to them and what they meant.

On a larger scale, it promotes art made by women. Promote books made by women. Underline the advances in science and medicine made by women. Support women who have completed their careers in the public sector. Be vocal in your celebration. By normalizing women’s success, by making it part of the daily conversation in the office and outside of it, we are more likely to have opportunities.

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Don’t let generational divides, well, divide you.

It is very important that women of all positions and career points communicate about their experiences, both at the beginning and when they ascend. The patriarchal world in which we live already expects us to overcome ourselves in every way.

We have to allow our deficiencies and encourage each other. Older women can report gender biases in hiring, job duties, compensation and promotions. Young women can report gender bias in management evaluations.


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