Women are better investor than men

People all over the world believe in a notion that men are the great investors in comparison to women. But by answering this question of yours I would like to break that myth and make you welcome to the world of women and Investing! People are unaware of the fact that in some aspects women are better investor than men because of the depraments that they maintain. Infact in order to learn more about exactly how and where women should invest in the simplest possible way, tune into the below mentioned video link wherein it will showcase what it really means to invest successfully & why women should particularly invest.


Although it’s great news that women are successful investors, they still have a long way to go to be on equal footing with men financially. Important steps include breaking down the stigma of women talking about money, building confidence when it comes to financial decisions, and increasing access to resources that address women’s specific concerns about money. “Money has been a taboo topic. Women are more comfortable talking about health than money,” she claims. “When we open it up and start talking in a human way, the shackles fall off, and the questions just start coming.” But just as women may need to change their perspectives on money, the financial industry needs to change how it engages women investors, as well. “Financial services has not done a good job of embracing and welcoming women, The financial services industry was created by men for men.” It’s a cycle: women are intimidated by finances because they don’t feel in control. That intimidation keeps them from becoming more engaged and building confidence, which in turn keeps them from engaging wisely.

Women are better investor than men

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The best investor evinces these characteristic traits

According to Fidelity, an international financial services company, woman yield better crops due to what some would call “inherently female”. Women…

  • invest with a holistic intent

Instead of focalizing on performance, women target at family and life time goals which is why their strategy is more conservative and long-term oriented. Hence, they direct their attention mainly on “buy and hold” other than switching stocks due to market volatility.

  • avoid risks and favor security

When it comes to savings, women are more likely to invest in age-based and widely spread products. While men are often fully invested in (risky) equities, their counterparts prefer target date funds which provide a bigger allocation.

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  • exercise patience

Enter unknown territories and new avenues is definitely not what most women are mad about. In the majority of cases, we are quite comfort with the status-quo and avoid toing and froing: As data reveals, women are 35 percent less likely to make trades. Thus, they save plenty of fees and are more like to outperform. Although these facts speak volumes, most women are still at loose ends. None of my female friends is really proficient in finance even though they’re quite eager for some learnings. But where to start and how to get a good or even the best investor if you have no clue at all?

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