Womanly Traits Men Find Totally Irresistible

An adult man looks beneath the surface, looking for those moving qualities that give a woman this difficult, but very important, “computing factor”. Qualities that are much more important than appearance when it comes to being a good partner and lover.


This is a biggie. Is she nice? Because if it isn’t, it won’t work. The problem is that everyone is nice to you – at first. In the first wave of romance, when everything is new and fun and easy, everyone puts their best foot forward.

Womanly Traits Men Find Totally Irresistible

So I learned to pay attention to the way she treats other people than me. Is she polite to the restaurant waiter? Does her ex-mouth, co-workers, friends and family hurt her mouth? How does she treat strangers or pets? You can say a lot about a person by the way they treat others. Warmth, kindness, and generosity are incredibly attractive and absolutely necessary for a healthy, long-term relationship.


Ladies, men cannot help thinking that there is something incredibly sexy about an educated, resourceful, thoughtful woman who can handle any type of conversation. Now, that does not necessarily mean that you have to be “intelligent”, but men are more attracted to a woman who is intelligent in the street, who has wisdom, someone who has a sense of humor and, above all, emotionally intelligent.

Of course, it’s fun to talk about funny things and jokes from time to time, but a woman who tends to think about life’s deepest questions, who will talk all night about the mysteries of the universe, who cares what she is happening in the world. A man loves a woman who can teach him one or two things, who is not afraid to say what he thinks and not only teach him things, but even learn from him.

Men are looking for open and sociable women who can have a conversation without acting as if they knew everything. Another thing is a woman who is a great listener if you can listen and have a conversation; It would be hard for a man to resist.


Being open-minded does not mean that you have to accept every little thing someone says or does, being open-minded means that you can go with the flow and allow yourself to learn things or do things you didn’t think I like. Men do not want a woman who knows everything, because it is a big block. They want someone who is curious, playful and open-minded, a woman who doesn’t judge them. We can all get a little stubborn, but a man is more attracted to a woman who is not always determined and who can listen to the opinions of others. She sees life as a great adventure: she likes to meet new people and explore the world, learn about other cultures and expand her horizons. A woman who is not afraid to leave her comfort zones is a trait that men find absolutely irresistible.

Knows Herself

The fact that she is open-minded does not make her naive. She is not lost or confused; She is in touch with her intuition, her inner compass. She knows what she represents, what she likes and what she doesn’t have. She is not trying to be someone else. He does not live his life according to the opinion of his friends, his mother or a fashion magazine. She has had enough life experience to know who she is and what she wants, and she is very sexy.


Men like women who trust them. The constant need for tranquility can become exhausting and often drive a man away. Being humble and safe are two qualities that men cannot resist. Since humans are often complicated creatures, we want the best of both worlds. Men want a woman who knows herself enough to be completely herself and not pretend to be someone else. If a woman believed she was irresistible, she would become irresistible. The key is to stay balanced, you can be sure without being selfish. True trust is something that comes from deep within us and knowing who you are is the key. A self-confident woman never criticizes herself in public because she exudes willpower and desirability, two qualities that men find absolutely difficult to resist.

Down To Earth

I can appreciate the ambition. I understand the importance of dreaming big. But at the end of the day, I want a woman who enjoys small things. A woman who knows what is really important in life: family, friendship, love and connection.

She is honest and practical; She has no patience to pretend. She is humble and punished and does not waste her time and energy chasing symbols of wealth or status. She is as happy to eat s’mores around a campfire as going out to a five star restaurant. He is focused and present and it is easy to work with him. She is the type of woman with whom a man wants to settle.


Being a passionate person is something that men find intriguing and irresistible. And if we are honest here, passion is sexy. Don’t say you should have a makeup session in public, but let your man know that you are in it and that he is the main key. Surprisingly, many men like the idea of being with a passionate woman. But I am not only talking about a woman passionate about the physical, but about a woman passionate about her ideas, her goals, her favorite cause, her career, everything. Men are attracted to women who burn intensely for what they like and what is most important to them. You know when he talks about things that fascinate her so much and his eyes light up every time he mentions it, and his entire presence is electrified, that’s what men find irresistible.


I don’t think anyone is particularly attracted to what is “normal” or average. We don’t want to be with someone like everyone else. We want an individual, someone different, creative, who stands out from the crowd.

Give me a woman who is not afraid to do things differently. A free spirit, who thinks for himself and wants to leave his mark on the world. She could be an artist, a little rebellious; but not necessarily She only has a unique way of seeing things and lives her life accordingly. There is no one else like that, and that is a good thing.

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Spontaneous and Adventurous

Being spontaneous and adventurous are qualities that men find absolutely irresistible. A man does not want a woman who is constantly caught in his path, he wants someone who is adventurous, who is not afraid to take risks. A woman who can make her discover new and exciting things. Women capable of living in the present and accepting all the challenges that are presented to them. Men love someone who can wake up in the morning, get in the car and just drive: something about the pleasure of being spontaneous can make any woman irresistible. Men don’t want to date someone who hates change, someone who doesn’t have an open mind. Being adventurous is of great quality. In their new relationship, they can explore and discover new things together, making them good memories.


In the end, there is nothing sexier and more satisfying than a woman who is happy and enjoys being with herself. A woman who laughs often, who radiates joy and joy, who always brightens your day and makes you smile every time you see her or think about her. He is the type of person we all want to be with.

Make no mistake, everyone has their bad days, their moments of doubt and despair. But a woman who accepts and loves herself, who knows what she wants from life and who takes care of it, will have many more good times than bad days. She is much more upright than down. He is cheerful, positive and gentle, and only makes you feel good.

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Now, if this list seems impossible, you’re absolutely right. No one is going to have all these qualities. I do not know. And if he does, then he should get some kind of reward or something. It’s not about fighting things that don’t describe you. The goal is to remember what true beauty is.

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