Why you need a sarcastic best friend

A sarcastic BFF reminds you to find humor in… everything. Even things you’d be totally terrified of joking with other people. Is your best friend saying something completely horrible and likely to start a war on Twitter if she ever leaks, but with a small dose of sarcasm? It suddenly seems not only palatable, but damn hilarious. It’s not uncommon for both of you to say, “Hey, we’re going to hell, but we’re going together!”

Here’s why you need a sarcastic best friend:

They are able to turn off their sarcasm when you really need them

You can count on them. At any hour of the night or day, they will be there for you. But they will not be there just during the fun times. They will be there for you when everything also starts south.

Why you need a sarcastic best friend

They are empathetic even if they do not always show it. They will listen to you without making sarcastic remarks when the situations require it.

They help put things in perspective

When you freak out WHAT THIS TEXT MESSAGE COULD MEAN?!?! – your best friend probably says something borderline, honest and hysterically funny.

They call you out for being *the worst*

Even if it is veiled with a humorous shield, they do not allow you to get by with stuff. The best people are the ones who hold us accountable and encourage us to be better, and while it may be a little unconventional, your sarcastic BFF making a funny (but honest) joke at you could be exactly what you need to hear.

Your enemies are their enemies

Basically, you hate the same people and that strengthens the bond between you. You don’t even stop to think before you were shamelessly mock. Exaggerating everything is always a plus. Your exes are usually the mature material to make fun of, so something in the lines of: “Look at it, were you drunk during the whole relationship?”, “Don’t be silly.

They always have your back

They’ve chosen you as their best friend and don’t take it lightly. It’s a big problem. Even if they don’t act like that. If someone makes you feel like shit, he’ll unleash all the hell on that person. Trust them, they’re there when you need them.

They know when to cut the sarcasm and just be real

You are best friends for a reason, and it is more than laughter. Sometimes it’s real raw material and although sarcasm is the easy way out, your best friend knows when to get sentimental. It may be rare, but it makes it even more special and meaningful.

They push you out of your comfort zone

You may not be as sarcastic as your friend, but you get there slowly. You probably didn’t intend to become a sarcastic person, but it somehow happened. You find yourself making spiritual returns and making a room full of people laugh with your inappropriate remarks.

You become bolder and your self-esteem increases from minute to minute because you slowly start to realize that you don’t really care what others think of you.

They never walk on eggshells

They say what they think, regardless if they are going to offend or hurt someone else. They avoid sugar-coated things. In addition, they are not afraid to stir things up a bit and see how people react to their comments.

When you think about it, it’s good that they are like that. At least you know they will tell you the truth, no matter how hurtful it can be.

They have their own way of expressing endearment

You will probably never hear these best friends calling you “darling”, “dear”, “baby” or the like, but they will not hesitate to call you “stupid”, “bizarre” or “bitchy”.

They know that you are fluent in sarcasm and that you will translate it all into words of pure, raw love.

They can make pretty much anything a joke

Even the most serious things have something funny hidden underneath. Sarcastic best friends find pleasure and make fun of almost everything.

Black humor is their trademark, but they don’t have to tell a joke to make you laugh.

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They activate real situations and therefore brighten up your day. You laugh until it hurts even if you know you probably shouldn’t.

You are constantly polishing your improv skills

Even if you are not the sarcastic type, you should try to follow a little. This friendship is like a crash course in comedy and you can be sure that you move away at least a little bit funnier.

What they won’t do is let people hurt you, abandon you when you need it most and dirty their words if they have something you need to tell yourself.

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If you have a sarcastic best friend, hang on and never let go.

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