Respecting women cannot be a rule, but surely it can be a responsibility.

NOT ONLY IN OUR SOCIETY, but throughout the world, woman has been; woman is and woman will always be respected. That is why when we address a gathering, we always say …. “Ladies and Gentlemen ….” ///// “Sisters and Brothers …..” ///// Bahano AUR Bhaion. …

That is why when a letter is written, it bears the opening address … ” Dear Madam /Sir ….” It is important to respect WOMAN because she has the power to take a civilization to tremendous heights or bring utter destruction and titillation by the quality of children she bears, by the quality of her motherhood.

We have heard that dictum …. BEHIND EVERY GREAT MAN, THERE IS A WOMAN SMILING. This simply means that when the person concerned (THE GREAT MAN) was walking the path which led him to the present greatness; there were many pitfalls where he became hopeless and dejected. It was the smile of this woman, which encouraged him to continue the journey.

Ask any great man, “WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS SUCCESS?” The answer is invariably the same … “MY MOTHER!!!!!”

So, when we respect WOMAN ….. it is to show our respect to the motherhood in her, it is to show respect to the quality of children she has the capacity to bring forth. The respect shown to her presence and the courtesy, the delicate manner in which a woman is treated ….. is the surest sign of a cultured society.

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