Why Falling In Love Is HARD For Strong Women?

Slowly but surely, women are recognized for the incredible, hard and resilient people we are. Strong women are everywhere, and if you’ve never noticed it before, you must be blind. However, like strong men, we are human and have our own weaknesses. Here is why falling in love is difficult even when you are a tough dog.

They don’t ‘need’ a man.

They long for love and affection, but they will never need a man to complete them. Love will always be a choice for them; It is not something you seek for fear of being alone or getting old. They are happy with their own lives and love is a sweet addition, not a necessity.

Why Falling In Love Is HARD For Strong Women?

They do not want to compromise their strength.

Truly falling in love with another person means that we must allow ourselves to be soft, vulnerable and open. We have finally reached a place where we feel comfortable with our own power, and are we supposed to give up? If it’s true love, then we don’t really give up our strength. In any case, it will make us stronger. Still, it’s scary to take the risk.

They are used to going it alone.

Once we are happy and comfortable alone, it is very difficult to take us back to the world of commitment. Why would we want to deal with someone else’s problems? It is much simpler to deal with our own garbage. Obviously, the right one will be worth it, but you may have difficulty convincing us of that.

They don’t play by the ‘rules.’

In life or in love, don’t expect strong women to follow the dating practices you are used to or play safely. You will be surprised by how bold and bold they are and will never shy away from what they really want.

They know how to handle rejection.

They are not afraid of the word ‘no’, they have heard it before and will continue to listen to it, but that does not stop them from trying. Instead of waiting for things to reach them and the more risks they run, the more rejections they will face, but these rejections only make them stronger.

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They do not trust anyone with her hearts.

We, strong women, are like that because we have had to deal with a lot of pain. We have emerged from the other side as warriors of steel, but it has a price. We know how much it hurts when our hearts are mistreated and, therefore, we keep them close and safe. We don’t want to let go and trust just to be defeated once again.

They have full lives already.

It’s not that we don’t like you. It’s just that we’ve spent so much time building our own independent and happy lives and we’re busy. It’s good because we can handle ourselves and we will never be heavy loads. On the other hand, it is difficult for us to make room for relationships. We value everything else we have and, unless a man proves himself worthy, there will be no place for him.

They are very happy the way things are.

Why mess with something good? Everyone wants to love and affection, of course, but is it worth giving up a great and satisfying single life? When a woman is happy and secure in her own existence, that in itself is intimidating. Most men have a hard time dealing with it and do not want to compete with the perfection we already have. It is difficult to fall in love with a man when we are so busy in love with our own lives. It better be very special.

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They don’t look for validation from others.

Strong women seek validation of their success, their work, their friendships and how they lead their lives. They know that the right person will find them when the time is right and they don’t let the state of their relationship define their value or define them.

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