Why Being An Aunt Is A Blessing

The thing with an aunt is that she will love the child of her brother or sister as if it was her own. Regardless of whether she has or doesn’t have her own children, having a niece or nephew is its own category of love everlasting.

A nephew or niece has a special kind of love and connection with their aunt. She is their best friend and their most faithful ally. She always has their back and she never complicates things.

Why Being An Aunt Is A Blessing

She is never a substitute for parents and she never wants to be. She is the very one who complements a child’s life.

Being an aunt is a blessing and the coolest and most rewarding thing in the world and this is why that is so:

1. You have a great excuse to act like a kid

Watching cartoons, reading bedtime stories, playing all sorts of games without being judged is the best thing ever. You have to do it—you are an aunt.

You really reconnect with your inner child and get to do all the things that you used to do as a child and discover some new ways of having fun.

2. You are a role model

An aunt is someone amazing, fun and supportive. She has that special something that makes the world a better place for her nieces and nephews.

When they grow up, they want to be just like you. So when they are asked about their career choice, whatever you do will be the first on their list.

3. You are their confidant

You will know about all the mishaps they made when they were small, you will hear all about their first crush and troubles in kindergarten or at school.

Aunts don’t have the responsibilities that the parents have, so they have an easy and laid-back approach. That’s why nieces and nephews feel free to confide in them.

An aunt is a keeper of secrets and she always has the best advice because she has already been there.

4. You have a secret way of comforting them

As an aunt, you will usually find yourself as a peace negotiator between children and their parents. And though that sounds like an unlucky position to be in, it actually isn’t.

You have the ability to understand both sides. You can give insight to your nieces and nephews about their parents’ points of view and position and vice versa.

You can make a bad thing go away in a matter of seconds and provide much-needed comfort and understanding to your nieces and nephews.

5. You are at liberty to spoil them

Parents do the raising and aunts do the spoiling part. That’s why you always let them have one more chocolate, let them stay awake a little past their bedtime, gift them something they really want, etc.

The responsibilities of an aunt are smaller. She can get away with things that parents can’t. That’s one of the reasons you are their favorite babysitter and person to spend time with.

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6. You have the cutest pics of all

Some moments can’t be caught by a camera and they are stored in your heart. But the ones that can result in the cutest pictures on your phone or on social media.

When your nieces and nephews grow up, they will get to see all those silly, cute and heart-melting memories from when they won’t be able to remember because they were too young.

7. You get the most loving hugs ever

When you get a hug from your niece or nephew, you experience love in its purest form. You can feel how all you are feeling for them is reciprocated naturally.

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That’s why aunts always hug tighter and they hold you a bit longer.

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