The New Face of Today’s Woman

In ancient civilizations, women were considered deities or goddesses. Ironically, in those same places, women are being mistreated and not respected. The fact is that, without women, men will cease to exist. With the support of a woman, a man feels incomplete. Without a woman’s intuition, a man’s intellect lacks insight. Women must be loved, but they are not objects. They also need to be understood as well.

Understanding Women’s Role Today

The role of women in society has changed a lot from what it was a century ago due to feminism. More women are moving from their homes to work, and a higher percentage of them are graduating from universities compared to men. They are reaching the highest levels and their salaries have increased! They are not only housewives and mothers but career women, executives, prime ministers and presidents of nations. Women are economically liberated, self-sufficient and now very demanding with their life partner. If he marries and things do not work, he knows that it is now easier to divorce and move instead of staying in that marriage and suffering. She knows how to find her own portion of happiness without relying on anyone.

Problems that Women Face

The problem that women face today is that they are expected to perform multiple tasks. They are expected to raise a family, take care of the children, clean the house and do all the other strange jobs! And yet, they are expected to contribute to the family income. They even suffer emotionally, since they have to leave their young children at home and stay out for long hours in search of their careers and jobs. Congratulations to all those single mothers who are doing everything on their own, without help.

The changing role of women today is mainly due to the education, poverty, and responsibility of their home and family. More women are poor compared to men, according to surveys. Due to poverty, women have now begun to move, find a job and earn for her and her family. Today’s women have the same education as men in most countries, so they feel they are entitled to similar jobs and reach the same levels as men. This has led them to move and look for work, equal or better than men. Initially, men opposed women leaving and working or continuing their careers away from home. They still do it in some places!

It is not difficult to understand women in the world today. Women have evolved today. They have searched, found and released themselves. If you are a woman and have found your freedom, go abolish injustice against women and help others like you feel the outdoors!

So, here we rejoice over femininity with each and every one.

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