Young boys have no idea what they want from life, and that includes what they want in a partner. They think that beauty is the most important thing, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Luckily, their ignorance doesn’t last forever. Here are a few qualities that men start to appreciate more as they grow older:

1. Neat

When you live together, he’ll be thankful for your cleanliness. He doesn’t want hair clogging the drain and makeup products littering the tabletops.

2. Nurturing

You aren’t going to replace his mother. However, he certainly won’t mind it if you take care of him when he’s sick and buy him his favorite snacks when you go shopping.

3. Smart

Boys care about beauty. Men care about intelligence. Your brain is much more important than your body is.

4. Caring

A caring girlfriend is a good girlfriend. It doesn’t matter how you show him that you care, as long as he realizes that you do. He just wants to feel loved and appreciated.

5. Creative

  creative women come up with the best presents, make the most delicious desserts, and go on the most entertaining dates.



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