What is Child Marriage and Some of Its Causes

What is Child Marriage?

Child Marriage

If a girl or boy is formally married before the age of 18 is known as Child Marriage. This affect the girls disproportionately especially in South Asia.

Causes of Child Marriage

There are many causes of child marriage from which some of them are listed below:

1. Gender Discrimination

Child Marriage is a discrimination against women and girls. Discrimination can be in many forms like deprivation of food, domestic violence and many more.

2. Inadequate Laws

There are many laws against child marriage but are not enforced. A new code enabling Hazara or Shiite was written into the country’s code of Afghanistan.

3. Poverty

To make some money or to settle debts poor families sell their children into marriage. The girls who marry young don’t take part in the workforce as they are not properly educated.

4. “Protecting” The Girl’s Sexuality

The girl’s family’s honor is protected if the girl marries as a virgin. Therefore, marrying a young girl is a culture in many countries.

5. Trafficking

The girls are sell not just into marriage but some poor families make their prostitution to earn large sum of money.

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