What Do Guys Like To Be Called By Their Girlfriends?

Should I call her “honey” or “baby”? Hmm… If I do that, maybe he’ll be scared and walk away. I wonder what guys like to be called instead of cute or sweetheart.

These are the thoughts that have probably been roaming your head for some time now. And how would they not do it?

What Do Guys Like To Be Called By Their Girlfriends?

It is said that men and women are from two different planets and people often accuse women of being too complicated, but the truth is that men can be real puzzles too!

Sometimes they like to be called “beautiful”, while other times they are bored. Sometimes they show like there is no one more important than you and other times they just ignore.

As with all girls, the only thing left to do is ask yourself the following questions: What do men want in a woman? What do guys like about a girl’s appearance? What do guys like to hear when texting?

And finally, the biggest conundrum of all: what do guys like to be called in a relationship?

Wait, are you in a legitimate relationship or is it just a casual fling? So many questions and not a single answer.

Well, it’s high time to change that, right? Heck, yes!

Today we are going to learn all about the nicknames guys prefer / like to be called.

We’ll walk you through the meaning of each nickname, which will help you find the right one for your baby (or should I say crush) for every occasion!

1. Big Guy

Let’s face it. Men LOVE to feel powerful, masculine and strong.

This is one of the reasons they are so competitive in almost every aspect of their life, from the car to work!

By treating your man tall, you let him know he is good looking and powerful and that he makes you feel safe!

Here are all the reasons guys love this nickname:

• It makes them more masculine

• It makes them feel protective of you

• It means they are hugging BIG

• It makes them powerful

• It makes them feel superior to other guys because they’re your BIG BOY

So, yes, if you want to build your man’s confidence and impress him with your choice of nickname, you definitely need to use this cautionary term.

2. Babe

Well done to the universal name of the animal used by so many couples so far! The main reason “baby” is so popular is that you can’t go wrong.

It encompasses everything. It’s sexy, romantic, caring and sweet and goes with everything: Hey baby I wanna cuddle … Hey baby I’m feeling wild today …

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You can use it in so many contexts and it can never sound too boring or like you overdo it.

It creates a perfect balance in every sentence and situation.

However, if you decide to call it that all the time, it might get boring after a while.

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That’s why you have to combine it with other cute nicknames from the list that your guy will love too!

3. Honey

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