1. You are a confident leader

Women are naturally drawn to men in positions of power. There’s a reason all the girls in your high school wanted to sleep with the football team’s star quarterback and not the backup kicker.

There’s a reason women chase the lead singer of a rock band and not the guy who sweeps the stage after a show. The ability to lead and to be powerful is one of the most effective aphrodisiacs.


2. You don’t let others affect your reality

Especially on an emotional level. Attractive women are used to seeing men become emotionally disturbed around them, so when they meet a man who is absolutely unaffected by them, they can’t help but notice him.

Women have a strange ability to deduce how sexually needy you are, and not being affected by gorgeous women shows a complete lack of need!


3. You don’t care what other people think of you

Men who don’t care about the opinions of others tend to be confident and powerful alpha men. Watch a few action movies and you will usually find that the main male character (the “hero”) shares this quality. This indifference to the opinions of others goes hand in hand with confidence and leadership, both of which are very sexy traits.


4. You are beautiful

Like many women, many men in relationships “let go” and stop doing the little things necessary to maintain their appearance.

Being clean and stylish does wonders for creating attraction, especially if you already have some of the other traits on this list.

5. You know how to elicit a positive emotional response in women

In other words, you know how to make the ladies laugh.
You must have heard the song “girls just wanna have fun?” There is some truth to this.
If you ask a woman what she looks for in a man, chances are she is probably saying “humor.” You don’t have to turn into a comedian overnight, but you do need to know how to make a girl have a good time.


6. You are not in need

You are rich culturally, mentally, and emotionally, and you are a selfless giver to those you love. It takes a lot for someone to make space into your “good books,” and you never ask for money or love. You’re a great guy who doesn’t need any documents to get to where you are going in life.

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