5 Ways to Be More Ballsy (Even if You Don’t Have Balls)

There is a particular crisis for women: a big trust gap that separates the sexes. Compared to men, women are not considered ready for promotion, they predict that they will fare worse in tests and, in general, underestimate their skills. This disparity comes from factors that range from education to biology. There are some ways to be more daring.

I know that gratitude is very fashionable, but I don’t agree: feeling grateful is a good strategy when you can’t change your situation. If you have the ability to change your life, try to cultivate a flame of righteous fury. Here are some ideas to improve your confidence. I have a lot of confidence and have been since a magical day when I was 27 years old and I realized that I had felt calm, unwavering, dignified and bewildered by most problems for some time. I was not born this way. As a child, my parents were frequently called to the school for parent-teacher conferences on the subject, “Jennifer is too sensitive.” But at some point, that changed, and since then it has been out of play. Not much really shakes me. Here are some ideas to improve your confidence.

5 Ways to Be More Ballsy (Even if You Don’t Have Balls)

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Fix Your Physiology: Smile

Cheat your mind with some stupidly simple physical exercises (and I am using the word “exercise” very freely here). All you need to do is smile, sit straight and do a power pose. There is no doubt that his physiology influences his emotions and self-awareness. Research shows that smiling not only makes you more attractive and seems more successful but also improves your mood, relieves stress, lowers your blood pressure and helps you stay positive. So start the day well, with a smile. After brushing your teeth every morning, make an effort to dazzle yourself in the mirror to enjoy a good and long moment of self-love. Then, throughout the day, make an effort to smile more when you talk to other people.

Fix Your Physiology: Strike A Pose

Most importantly, practice a good power pose. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy discovered that “being in a position of trust” can not only make you feel safer but also significantly improves your performance under stress. If you find yourself in a stressful and socially evaluative situation, such as a job interview or a commitment to speak in public, take two minutes in advance to maintain a “power pose” (preferably in a private place, such as a nearby bathroom). of testosterone (the dominant hormone) and reduces cortisol (stress hormone) levels, which makes you feel safer and more like your true self.

Rethink Weakness: Low Self-Esteem

Once you have committed to correct your posture and have started a habit of meditation and visualization practices, take the time to embrace your low self-esteem. Hope for? Yes, that is correct. Low self-esteem and moments of doubt and unhappiness are quite important. They are the necessary evils that force you to change what you don’t like about yourself. By suppressing your negative views, instead of accepting them, you will probably never take the first step towards improvement. Start by recognizing your insecurities, then focus your efforts on improving your competition, rather than your feelings, in situations that cause your low self-esteem. Taking steps to improve your skills and abilities will inevitably lead to greater self-confidence.

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Be Wary of Threats: Negative Nancys

Do not neglect the importance of having a social circle of support. Be careful with people in your life that negatively impact your sense of self and work to spend more time with those who believe in you. We cannot avoid being up to the expectations of others for us: it is what psychologists have called the self-fulfilling prophecy.

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