Types Of Friends You Should Avoid

As I grew up and reached a different stage in my life, my interests began to change. I became much clearer about the type of human I wanted to be and the values I defended. Gradually, I separated from some of my old friends, approached others and made room to receive new and like-minded people in my life. I finally learned what really matters when choosing your tribe. In replacement of the superficial qualities that I used to look for in friends, today I value loyalty, coherence, reliability, honesty, consideration, and generosity above all else. That said, it is sometimes difficult to detect if a friend is toxic in your life. Here are some types of friends to avoid:

Those who are judgmental

People who judge will find a way to criticize anything and everything they come into contact with. You could take the time to explain something in great detail but enter through one ear and exit through the other. They reach their conclusions before hearing any fact: they don’t listen well and are horrible to communicate. Asking for advice or comments from a person who judges is a waste of complete time.

Types Of Friends You Should Avoid

Those who are envious.

Being an entrepreneur can be a bumpy journey full of ups and downs, while it is important to have a strong group of followers in your corner during times of low activity, it is also important to have followers to congratulate you when you reach the highest points. They feel it should happen to them and no one else.

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The Calculator

This friend always keeps the account and if your account is not adding, then it bothers you. This is the one who is basically afraid of falling short, so they have created coping mechanisms to ensure that no one receives more than they give. The problem with this type of friend is that his acts of giving do not come from a genuine place. When it comes to calculating energy, you can also end up adjusting your generosity, as it creates a dynamic in which you feel you have to maintain a constant score.

The One Man Show

This person is the star of his own show. This is the friend who will happily talk for hours about his problems, and when his turn comes to speak, they will interrupt and maneuver the conversation to return to them. This person may have good intentions, but cannot avoid focusing everything on “me, me, me”.

The Child That Never Grows Up

This person has not learned to manage their emotions and, unfortunately, everyone else has to pay the price. This friend attack resorts to passive aggression or other harmful mechanisms to deal with conflict and disappointment. Of course, nobody is perfect and handling the complicated range of human emotions is not an easy task. But there comes a point where one must be responsible and responsible for his behavior, and one should not be tolerated to constantly return to children’s reactions at the expense of others.

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The Friend Who Secretly Hates You

This friend encourages you, with exclamation marks and happy face emoticons included. But in reality, they just don’t secretly like you or want the best for you. Your intuition always knows.

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