Type, Delete… How to Start a Conversation with a Guy Over Text

You type something, you press delete, you think, you start again. Wondering how to start a conversation with a guy over text? It’s easier than you think!

If you’re wondering how to start a conversation with a guy over text, the good news is that it’s really not as difficult as you might think. All you need to do is go for it. Be unique. Be you. The dating world has been revolutionized by technology. Once upon a time, asking someone out was a terrifying, gut-wrenching experience which required serious courage and several drinks. These days, it can be done via social media. If it doesn’t work out, you simply disappear from the online world for a few days to recover!

Type, Delete… How to Start a Conversation with a Guy Over Text

More and more people today are using the WhatsApp to send text messages to their friends and family members. If you met a guy and you are simply in the text stage of your relationship but you want it to grow into something more, you should know how to impress a guy on WhatsApp chat so that you can go from being his texting buddy to becoming his girlfriend. if you want to impress a boy on chat, continue reading. If he has already given you his WhatsApp information, you are in the game. He wouldn’t have given you his information if he wasn’t interested in you. After you have received the information, it is up to you to keep him interested.

How To Start A Better Conversation

Keep Your Messages Short

There have been plenty of surveys performed regarding long text messages and most have shown that both guys and girls get bored with a long test. If you are texting your guy and your texts read like a novel, you should delete the text and start over. You should stick with short, funny messages at first. This will show him that you are funny, you are busy, and it will make you seem mysterious. These are all things that most guys are looking for. If you are always sending text messages that are too long, you can’t even be sure that he will read through the whole thing.

Flirt With Him During Your Text Conversations

There are some guys who aren’t very bright when it comes to women. You can be totally into a guy and he might not even realize it. If you want to keep from getting stuck in the text buddy zone, you need to be flirtatious and flirt with a guy through a chat. This will ensure that he knows that you want to be more than just friends. The great thing about texting is that you can respond in your own time. This will give you a chance to think hard about what to say before you say it.

Ask Open Ended Questions

If you want to chat with your guy, you need to get things going. If you simply text ‘hi’, you aren’t going to get much of a response. The same is true if you ask a simple yes or no question. If you want to start a good conversation, you need to ask the right questions. For example, you don’t want to ask how his day was because he can reply ‘good’, which puts an end to the conversation quickly. Instead, ask him what he did today. This can open the door for a much longer, interesting chat.

Compliments Go a Long Way In a Text Conversation

Everyone likes to be complimented and your crush is no exception. You should compliment your crush on his personality, his looks, or something that he just said. It is important to understand that it is possible to compliment him too much. If you keep firing off compliments, you can start to look more like a groupie than a potential girlfriend. If you are getting to know a guy on WhatsApp, you need to know how to text to let him know that you are interested. You also need to know what to say to make him interested in you as well. If you follow the tips for texting your crush listed above, you have a great chance of becoming more than his texting buddy. Before you know it, you could be going out on dates together.

Steer clear of slang and emojis

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Also, when it comes to knowing how to start a conversation with a guy over text, keep your language normal, and avoid those annoying slang terms and emoji overkill. I might be a little old fashioned here but “Hey, how R U” doesn’t make me want to date someone, it makes me want to give them an English lesson! Seriously, it takes seconds to write something properly, so put in the time. There is nothing wrong with “Hey *insert name here*, just wanted to say hi. What are you up to?” That’s friendly, it’s chatty, and it ends with a question. The question is important because that gives them a reason to text back.

When to ask them out

When you have been texting back and forth for a while and you’re pretty sure there’s a spark, when should you ask them out? Maybe they’ll ask you and you won’t have to think about it, and that’s quite likely. If there is no question coming your way, be the one to do it. Go on, be brave! This isn’t the 1920s when a woman had to wait to be asked out! You can do this very casually, “I’ve been going to this really cute coffee shop lately, do you fancy joining me?” Or “There’s a band on next week I really want to see, do you want to come?” If he says yes, fantastic. If he doesn’t respond in the way you want him to, shrug it off and move on.

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Seriously, there are plenty more fish in the sea, and nobody has time for a text wasting guy! If the conversation has been going well so far, the chances of him refusing a meet up are extremely slim and should give you the confidence to take the texts to face-to-face meetings.

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