Top Benefits of Life Insurance for Women

Women have become increasingly dominant players in today’s American workforce. Some women are the sole breadwinners for their families and as such, are looking for the financial security a life insurance policy can provide. Whether a woman has an executive position or is a stay-at-home mom, life insurance is an important protection to have. Here are a few of the top benefits for women who have life insurance.


First and foremost, one primary advantage of life insurance is the death benefit.Dying with no life insurance can create all sorts of financial and emotional problems for those you leave behind. For example, your family may have to find money for debts, mortgage, bills, funeral expenses, income replacement and more.

Top Benefits of Life Insurance for Women

There is a huge advantage to having a life insurance policy in force that will pay a death benefit will go to your life insurance beneficiary, which they can use however they wish. For example, they could pay off the mortgage, replace lost income, or pay off any large debts, such as student loans.

Death Benefits:

Investing in life insurance gives you and your family a secure future. In case of any untoward happening to the insured, the insurer pays up the entire amount i.e. the sum assured plus the bonus to the bereaved family. Life insurance also safeguards the interest of people who have diminishing incomes with advancing age, people who meet with accidents or for retired people. There are numerous policies available and you can choose the policy that will best suit your requirements.

Ability to Borrow against the Cash Value Benefit

Many types of life insurance offer the option to build cash value which can be borrowed against. For women, this cash value can be accessed for any number of needs; paying off bills, financing a college education; starting a new business; or any number of other financial needs or goals.


Another advantage of a life insurance policy is that you have great flexibility over what company you choose, the policy, coverage, duration, beneficiary, and more. Even after you have passed away, most insurers will allow the death benefit to be spent on whatever is required rather than forcing your loved ones to spend it in certain areas.

Depending on the type of policy you choose, after the policy is in effect and has been for many years, there are various things that can be done to adjust, including lowering the premiums. If your income decreases, you might be able to decrease your premiums and death benefit with an option to increase it once more in the future.

Life Stage Planning:

Life insurance aids you in life stage planning where you can plan your life’s financial goals as per your convenience. It helps you plan for your life stage needs. Life Insurance not only provides for financial support in the event of untimely death but also acts as a long term investment. You can meet your goals, be it your children’s education, their marriage, building your dream home or planning a relaxed retired life, according to your life stage and risk appetite.

. Assured Income Benefits:

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Your family stays secured due to the assured income they receive on regular intervals. This income aids in paying for all rents, loans and other expenses like house rent, telephone and electricity bills, Child education etc. This income compensates for the income that discontinues after the loss of the earning member.


Riders are the additional benefits that can be bought and added to a basic insurance policy. These options allow you to increase your insurance coverage. Riders cover risks that are beyond the scope of the main life policy, resulting in a more comprehensive protection. The riders may cover critical illness, personal accident, family income benefit and waiver of premium benefit). This additional cover steps in during situations where the main life insurance policy may not come into play. They also provide tax benefits and make you eligible for deductions in line with life and health covers. For instance, if you opt for an accidental death rider, you can claim deductions under section 80 C on premiums paid; for critical illness, the relevant section will be 80 D.

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If you have a partner and children who rely on your income, then life insurance becomes very important for everyone involved.

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