Top 5 Nicknames Guys Like To Be Called With

He might get scared or and pull away if I call him “honey” or “babe”. Instead of cutie or sweetie, what guys like to be called is a question. Sometimes “handsome” is liked by the guys while at the other times it annoys them.

1. Big Guy

Feeling masculine, powerful and strong is being loved by men. This is the reason that they are competitive in every aspect of their life. This nickname may let him know that he is good-looking and powerful guy and is making you feel safe and secure.

Reasons why guys love this nickname:

  • Being your BIG GUY makes them feel superior to other guys.
  • Feeling of being more masculine is generated in them
  • Feeling powerful is also generated
  • Means they give BIG hugs
  • They feel protective of you.

You should use this term of endearment if you want to boost your guy’s confidence and impress him with your choice of nickname.

2. Babe

The universal pet name “babe” is so popular because you cannot go wrong with it. It goes with everything as it’s caring, flirty, romantic and sweet. It will not look like you’re overdoing it as it can be used in so many contexts.

In every sentence and situation, a perfect balance is created by it. After a while, it may get boring if you decide to call him that all the time.

3. Honey

In movies, when someone calls another person “honey”, it is about couples and romantic relationships. This might be universal but is mainly used in relationships. He will came to know that he has won your heart and earned you respect and devotion if you call him by this name.

For one another, it’s the ultimate sign of love and appreciation. If effort is being made by a man to win your heart and trust, then he’s a real man and deserves to be called “honey”.

4. His Own Name

It might be difficult for you to remember him by his own name, if you overuse nickname. You should call them by their own name from time to time. When talking to each other, we usually don’t do it, so they love it.

5. Cutie

Boys may feel embarrassed if you call them cutie as it made them cringe. For the beginning of a relationship, it is the perfect nickname because it’s not too serious. For this sweet gesture of yours. he will be grateful.

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