Tips For Staying Safe As A Solo Female Traveler

I’ve been traveling all over the world on my own for seven years, seven years of beautiful moments, big mistakes and everything else. Fortunately, I learned more about myself and how to stay safe on the way than I could have imagined. These are some of the best tips to stay safe as a solo traveler worldwide.

Don’t tell people where you’re staying

A blinding flash of the obvious: if you travel alone as a woman and meet people, don’t mention where you are staying, especially if you feel uncomfortable. No one really needs to know the name of your hotel, and if you make plans to meet someone, instead, you are at a local point of reference. Most of the time, nothing will happen, but a little self-preservation never went wrong.

Tips For Staying Safe As A Solo Female Traveler

Avoid travel at night :

The night can be an intimidating moment for travelers in a new area, especially as a woman traveling alone. While it is usually okay to visit an area where there are many other visitors, you may want to organize a taxi back instead of walking to your hotel. Also, when possible, try to avoid using night transport unless you can secure your belongings, as they also tend to be more prone to crime than traveling by day.

Join a day tour if you are uncomfortable.

I went to Turkey alone in 2013, it was just after the murder of an American woman traveling alone and I found so much skepticism and fear that I almost canceled my flights. Fortunately, I am stubborn and decided that I needed to see for myself everything that was happening. Still, I was nervous about walking alone in Istanbul, so I decided to join some tours to get to know the city.

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Make friends with hotel staff:

The hotel staff is not only there if their hot water is not working properly, but they will generally be locals who know the area quite well. Remember not only to ask them about the best places to go, but also where to avoid them as a visitor. They should also know not to say their room number aloud when they give them the key, in case someone is trying to listen to find out which room they are staying in. Personally, I would like to notify the hotel in advance that I travel alone and always leave a memo with the receptionist when I leave and when I intend to return.

Avoid being “forward” when necessary

This means anything from making eye contact with men who walk down the street to being very talkative with people in stores and dressing in tight clothes. I am a very friendly person and I love talking to strangers and meeting locals in the I walk, but over the years I have learned to lean on the side of caution after having had too many men who think I was trying to connect with them. or leave when, in fact, I was just being myself.

Make copies of your travel documents:

If you lose important travel documents, especially your passport, it can be an absolute nuisance to replace them or even continue your trip. Having photocopies or even a photo of the documents stored on your computer or smartphone can be very useful. They can show local authorities that you have a valid visa and make it easy for you to organize replacement documents in case you need help from your local embassy.

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Book a few things in advance

One of the situations in which I hate to be the most while traveling is to appear in a new city or place at night with nothing reserved. I am one of those travelers who prefer to “fly”, but I am careful to book things for when I arrive directly from the plane to a new place or if I know that I will arrive somewhere at night, just to avoid any unwanted scenario.

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