Thoughts Every Man Has When He Meets The Right Woman

Few men are out there hunting the right girl. Most are all about quantity over quality, but eventually, even the worst kind of womanizer must fall. The average man reports that he met his Mrs. Right when he wasn’t even searching.

There are some guys that are ready to settle down. Both types report similar feelings when they finally discover the girl of their dreams. How did they recognize her? and how did they feel once they knew she was the One? We asked men these questions and got some pretty interesting answers.

Thoughts Every Man Has When He Meets The Right Woman

Proof that even heartbreakers have their sweet spot and can be tamed. In fact, the women that tamed them didn’t have to do much at all. We wanted to share these finding in case there are some men to blissed out to realize the right girl is sitting directly in front of them.

Men have these thoughts when they find their Mrs. Right, which are about trying to repel, giving it a chance and finally giving in to her love.

“She is a part of me”:

The thoughts of being away from her or being deceitful to her seem impossible to him now that he thinks of her as a part of him. The guy who ran away from love has found it in the most beautiful woman no matter what the world tells him. After having all these thoughts, he knows one thing for sure: she is his Mrs. Right and there is no denying that.

“She keeps getting prettier”:

Men who do not stay interested in women for too long find it a bit surprising to find to someone beautiful even after a long time of being with them. Lust makes them stay attracted only in the starting period and it fades over time but when a man finally falls in love, his Mrs. Right keeps getting prettier every day. The reason behind this may be that he looks at her closely every day and wants to see the beauty in her. Taming of such men is such a wonderful thing to experience.

“It feels respectful”:

The definition of respect can vary from person to person. From the perspective of a man who has never really cared about giving or receiving respect in a relationship, it is something very new and feels great. By being with the right woman, he begins to learn about how a person is respected; her ways make him see the beauty in decency and he tries to keep it that way.

He Wants To Tell Her Everything

Guys are notoriously tight-lipped. Trying to learn about them can be tough, but when he finally discovers the right girl, that can change. In the presence of The One, a man will spill his guts. He will tell you all about his family, his dog, the two kids he fathered in college. Most guys are happy to just listen, though they probably aren’t listening at all. Silence isn’t always golden. If a guy doesn’t want to let you in, he probably isn’t that into you. It may take him a while, but if you are the right girl for him, he will start opening up. If you feel like you are always questioning him and trying to break silence, maybe this isn’t the guy for you. Don’t stick with a man who is like talking to a brick wall. Of course there will be times when your guy just isn’t interested in talking, but with a perfectly matched pair, it won’t be that often.

I Don’t Want Other Girls

It takes a lot to pull his interest from other girls. Men tend to have wandering eyes and hearts. All that comes to a halt when the right girl comes around. It could be love at first sight or it could happen gradually over time. One thing is certain, men report a loss of interest in other females when they finally realize The One is right in front of them. When he is with The One, a guy notices one day that he just doesn’t have the desire to approach other women or check them out constantly. Not that they won’t notice if a beautiful woman walks into the room, but he won’t be interested in her. Don’t demand exclusivity right away, or treat him like a criminal if he glances at a sexy babe. If you are really the right girl for him, you won’t have to! It takes an amazing woman to get a man to put away his sexual pursuit, and that amazing woman is you.

Is It Really Love?

When a guy first thinks he may be in love, it can be a little confusing for him. This is especially true if he isn’t usually one who falls. When he feels those first heart flutters, he usually begins to question it. Is it the real thing? Maybe he will run it by a mom, sister, or trusted girl-friend. It might sting a bit if you hear through the grape-vine that he is chatting about you behind your back, but don’t worry. It’s normal for someone newly in love to question their heart and need a little guidance. It would be awkward if he tried to talk to you about it so let him talk it out with whoever he needs. If the love is real, nothing will stop it. This is an exciting time for both parties and probably even for friends and family. Everyone loves a good love story!

“Whatever she needs, I will do it.”

There is a quote I really like by Robert A. Heinlein which says, “Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” Happiness, in the case of real-life relationships, is defined in many ways depending on the person or the couple, but what remains consistent is the willingness of a man to do whatever it takes to make the woman in his life happy. This could mean taking care of her when she is sick, booking that surprise vacation she has always wanted to go on or even just picking up the candy she likes as he’s checking out at CVS. Regardless of how big or small, he will always be wanting to make her smile.

“I have never seen someone so beautiful.”

While love is based on what is within, it is also true that when you love someone for who they really are, everything about them becomes beautiful. It is impossible to describe the overwhelming flood of emotions that a man feels when he sees the woman he has been waiting his whole life for… But it’s not just when he sees her for the first time; this feeling happens every time he lays eyes on her. Whether she has just come downstairs from putting her pajamas on or if she has emerged from her bedroom ready for Cinderella’s Ball, he loses his breath every. Single. Time.

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“I’m so glad that last relationship didn’t work out.”

Not every relationship is meant to last, but the ones that don’t will teach and prepare us for the one that does. Oftentimes, we may be caught up in the moment, or a routine, or just be comfortable with someone who we know in our hearts isn’t right for us. Someone we cannot picture spending the rest of our lives with. Only the right woman helps a man realize what the wrong relationships were lacking.

“I don’t care, I still love her”:

All of us have some baggage that we carry around and sometimes try our best to hide from our dates. But if, somehow, he discovers yours or you tell him by yourself, it won’t make a difference for him. If it is your bad choice of friends that you regret or any mess that you made in the past and can’t seem to get past it, he will try to bear the weight of it with you or even try to get rid of it for you if he is really, actually into you.

She Is Perfect As Is

We have all experienced the guy/jerk who wants to change you. The truth is, all guys you date are nit picking things they wish to improve. Usually those things fall into the physical or sexual category. Either way, it’s hard to find a guy who is truly content with a woman as is. When he meets The One, that all changes. If he can find flaws , he loves them. Changing them isn’t an option. There is no hope for her to be prettier, sexier, or more outgoing. He is into her just the way she came. The thought of her making changes to herself can be scary. It is natural to be resistant to changing anything we love. Most guys who are really in love don’t want you attempting plastic surgery, major makeovers, or even noticeable wardrobe changes. Don’t take offense, it’s because he thinks your perfect already.

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I’m Not Scared

Before a guy commits to being exclusive, there is usually a period of fear. This may cause him not to commit or to be reluctant. There is often a bit of fear even afterwards. He worries about losing time with his buddies, missing out on other hotties, or just having to look at the same person everyday. Similar to this commitment fear is the fear of falling in love. It has a lot of the same causes. Ultimately, if he falls for you, he knows he will be weak. He will want to be with you and protect you. He will value you above self. These are tough concepts for a guy who has spent a lot of time single. Most guys like the freedom of only worrying about themselves. Loving someone else changes that. Guys that find The One, suddenly discover that they don’t have that fear anymore. They are just excited for what lies ahead!

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