This Is What Being A Loyal Friend Is Really About

A loyal friend is a must for many things. Companion, advice, love, and understanding are just a few examples.

Being a loyal friend is much more than we would expect.

Do people tend to ask me why is loyalty even important in friendships? Well, let me tell you that having a loyal friend is just as important as having a loyal partner.

This Is What Being A Loyal Friend Is Really About

Being a loyal friend means having priorities

Whether we want to admit it or not, we all have this person in our life who is always on our mind in a non-romantic way. He’s a friend we’re always thinking of – if they’re doing well and if we can help them get through these difficult times a little easier. It is knowing that they will be on your side no matter what. What is a loyal friend if not someone who defends you when someone says something bad about you?

When there are times when they find themselves in the company of someone who may not like you, and they don’t hesitate to close them, telling them how great you really are – that’s what it means to have a loyal friend! Someone who will not hesitate to defend you.

When you have a boyfriend who doesn’t seem to be right

a loyal friend will come to you and tell you what he thinks. I can’t even count the number of times people I thought were my real friends lied to me, hiding the fact that they saw my boyfriend cheating on me in high school and even chatting. They are not real friends!

A loyal friend is someone who makes the relationship they have with you a priority!

No one should be more important. Being a loyal friend means that they will run to you as soon as they see something wrong.

And when I say “faithful friend”, someone comes to mind.

Someone you love so much, and that platonic love is enough to keep you bonded for the rest of your life.

Your loyal friend is the person in your life who you go to first to talk about this stupid text message or comment that your man sent you on social networks.

It is this person in your life who ends up loving you, even if they know how crazy you are. And when you present them to a new friend you just met, they are not jealous because they really like being in the company of all your close friends. They know they will always be your best friend, no matter what, and you don’t have to reassure them about how important and special they are to you.

Faithful friends are those friends whose main goal is to improve your friendship, not to leave only when things get difficult.

One of my favorite biblical verses on the friendship of Proverbs explains this: “There are” friends “who destroy each other, but a true friend remains closer than a brother.” There are friends who only become interested in your business when things are going well, which is the easiest part of any friendship.

Faithful friends bury your secrets deep in their hearts and never, under any circumstances, betray your trust.

You can tell them anything you want without worrying that tomorrow half of the city will know. They do not pretend to be your true friends only to collect your “personal data” and share it with other people.

Loyal friendship is what inspires you to become a better person.

Faithful friends don’t judge you (for no reason), and they don’t make you feel less important. If you do something wrong, they don’t just stay silent, watching you fall.

They tell you about your bad decisions and don’t give up until you understand what they’re trying to tell you. Faithful friends don’t force you to do something you’re not comfortable with just because they do it. It means wiping tears from the faces of others and plotting revenge together because that is what loyal friends do.

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Faithful friends feel each other’s pain and share their tears

They are not afraid to cry in front of each other and to be vulnerable because they know they are the strongest when they are together. They know that remembering your old memories will make you feel better and they know how to turn your tears into a smile. And they are ready to plot revenge with you against the whole world if necessary because that is what loyal friends do. To show oneself is above all presence.

A loyal friend will never wonder what he will get out of it either.

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Because they know you will show up for them too. All this is the reason why a faithful friend is not easy to find. Because they have to be a bunch of different things put together in one package. And that’s why, if you have a loyal friend, you never want to let.

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