Things You Can Learn About A Man By Spending The Night With Him

Words can be bent, shifted, and broken actions are a real reflection of his feelings. That’s why they really speak louder than words. By spending the night with a man you have been seeing for a shorter or longer while, things he does, before, during, and after sex will tell you a lot more than he ever will. So, take a look at all the things you can learn about a man you are intimate with and his feelings for you in just one intimate night:

Only you can define yourself.

You are not defined by your boyfriend or girlfriend. A person needs to be confident of him or herself before entering any kind of serious relationship. You need to be happy with the person you are and the choices you make when you are alone. Do not depend on another person to make you feel good.

Things You Can Learn About A Man By Spending The Night With Him

What part of your body does he like the most?

Is he a butt or a boobs guy? Does he check you out from top to bottom, compliment your legs or lips? There is a part of your body that instantly turns him on.

If he doesn’t say it himself, you will have no trouble guessing it on your own because he will give some extra TLC to that part of your body.

Guard your heart, but not too much.

Since your first relationship might not last, it is best to guard yourself, at least a little. At the same time, you need to be able to open up in order to have a romantic relationship. Try your best to find this balance.

Use this experience as a learning tool.

Sure, you might stay together and grow old with your first love, but if not, use your first relationship as a learning tool. What went wrong? What went right? How could you have communicated better? These are all things we learn from early relationships that help us in cultivating a better one down the road.

Is he perceptive?

If a man is interested in meeting your needs, he will be perceptive of the things you don’t even say.

He will observe your behavior and act accordingly.

For instance, if your body trembles every time he kisses your neck or if you moan when he makes a certain move, it will be a good sign for him to continue what he is doing and that you like it.

Is he traditional or open to new ideas?

How does he react when you say something daring like, “Let’s do it on the table,” or, “We haven’t tried out the back seat in your car”? Does he judge you for it or play along? Not all men are the same. Some are more traditional and if you ask them, missionary is their preferred position till the rest of their days.

On the other hand, if he plays along, he is open to trying out new things and concerned with making you happy in that department.

Does he like to play it safe or is he ready to take risks?

If he likes to play it safe, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he likes only missionary, but there are few sex positions that he combines and never does anything he doesn’t feel comfortable doing. With him, you are at risk of getting stuck in a rut, unless he starts to change a bit as your relationship progresses and he starts being more comfortable around you.

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If he is a risk-taker, he will be relaxed.

He won’t overthink all the things that can go wrong or feel awkward, but try something new anyway. With him, every day will be a new adventure.

Is he responsible?

An irresponsible guy will only care about getting down and dirty as soon as possible and he will think about the consequences later, or not at all if there aren’t any. A responsible guy will have the talk with you about STDs and make sure he has a pack of condoms lying around somewhere close in case you need them.

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He wants you to feel safe and he doesn’t want you to fall pregnant. Now that’s an adult way of thinking and doing things.

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