career break

Is it time to take a break? Thinking about taking time outside the traditional workforce to raise children, go to work on their own, study more, meet or travel?

Taking a professional break (or going out permanently) can be liberating, but it can also be scary. Here are five things you will learn when you take a career break.

1. Running errands is way easier 

Trying to squeeze all errands at lunchtime will be a thing of the past. Welcome to the civilized world of walking to the counter and carrying out any important business you need to carry out. Don’t wait 20 minutes in line while trying to get a sandwich down your throat and then hurry back to your desk before your boss realizes you’re late.

2. Friends will think you’re available 24/7

This is the other side of being able to run errands whenever necessary. Friends who are in a professional break will think you are available to catch up at any time of the day. What can generate more coffee invitations than you know what to do and the expectation that you attend all of them? Because, you know, you’re not doing anything else with your day, right? Learn to set firm limits from the beginning, or you will be so connected to the constant caffeine that you will be awake for a week.

3. Some people will judge you

It is likely that deliberately taking time out of the traditional workforce gives you some judgment. Especially if you don’t take the break to raise children. I left a stable job with a good salary to go back to university and do my doctorate at 30. With a mortgage. People do not usually say it to the face, but there is a definite facial expression that you will get used to when they ask you what you do and you tell them. Over time, it will not affect you so much. Try to remember that it is probably 85% jealousy.

4. You’ll miss your colleagues

You will only do it. Even those who chewed very hard while they ate (who stole from the fridge). If you start a home-based business, or if you study again, you will want to have people to talk to and sympathize with. Of course, you will have family and friends. But it is not the same as the small community you build with your colleagues.

5. You’ll wonder how you ever had time for a 9-5 tradition

Once you find your feet with the rest of your career, you will seriously wonder how it fit when driving to the office, work eight hours and then drive home every day. If you are raising children, running a business, studying, traveling, just taking time off or doing some of the other things for which people take a professional break, you will learn how time passes when you are not sitting in an office looking at the clock all day, waiting for Friday afternoon.

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