Women who own and run business is not a completely strange phenomenon since we are all aware of the small artisanal industries we learned in school. But that is all. For a long time, women have had to limit themselves to small businesses.

The Rise of Women Entrepreneurs in India

This is India, the land of rivaaz (tradition). As a country, we had lagged behind in the development front in terms of ‘women’s power’, and quite understandably, given the orthodoxy and the prevailing attitude towards weak sex, especially when it came to the ‘role’ of a Women in society. The very fact that we still read terms like “weak sex” shows that this nauseating bias is rooted in our patriarchal minds. The winds of change have finally arrived, although a little late. Better late than never, right? Welcome to modern India: a growing center of opportunities waiting to be taken advantage of, a diverse mix of industries in the metropolitan areas, an open stage for all genders to take control and a marginally more open community that welcomes change. However, it has been a struggle for some women to break the shackles to aim big, take the plunge and realize their dreams. Some are lost in oblivion, others are held back by fear and pressure, some lack conviction, some do not get the support they need, and then there are some who, despite all the above, reach the top.

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