The Kind of Guy I Would Want My Best Friend To Marry

One of the kindest and nicest people I know is my best friend. It is the truth and I’m not saying this because she is my friend. She is a strong woman as she knows what she wants and don’t hesitate in getting it. To spend the rest of her life, she’ll manage to find a real man.

She must end up with a guy who will be mature enough to go through life shoulder by shoulder with her. A guy who is not threatened by her achievement and keep up with her successes. She should find a man who will never hold her back.

He should not feel like any less of a man because he has such a woman. This man should accept who she is and won’t try to change her according to his standards. This man should see the real her.

He should cherish her imperfections, love her flaws, and notice every little thing about her as they’re also a part of her. I hope my best friend marries a man who will help her grow, inspire her to be better, and push her forward. If this guy becomes her best friend, I would be the happiest person.

Hoping that he’ll be the one who gets her even when she has a hard time. Even when she doubts her actions he should not judge her. He should be the one who will believe in her when she loses faith in herself.

He should be the one on whom she could rely. I wish he would be her ally, biggest supporter, and partner in crime. At the same time, if he could be her anchor and the wind to her wings I’d be the happiest.

The man would respect her and never attempt to limit her freedom or cage her just for himself. He will be proud of having this kind of woman. The entire world will see him holding her hand on the wedding day and know how lucky he is.

All of her sacrifices will be appreciated by him. He will never fail to see my best friend’s worth. He will make her feel like the kindest, prettiest, and smartest woman in the world instead of nurturing her insecurities.

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