Support A Partner Through Mental Illness

In a marriage, mental illness is very difficult. Stress can often reach a crisis level. Mental illness doesn’t have to destroy a marriage, even with the stress and attention it brings.

Here’s How to Support A Partner Through Mental Illness

1. Understand that it’s not their fault.

You are facing the symptoms of an illness, keep this in your mind. Symptoms are as real of a medical condition as diabetes or high blood pressure and are not simply the result of negative thoughts or a bad attitude.

Support A Partner Through Mental Illness

2. Don’t Become the Therapist

Do not be their therapist. It won’t work for you or the rest of your family in the long run.

In addition, people with mental illness are still responsible for taking the necessary steps to manage their illness so that they can be healthy and productive as partners and in other areas of life. You must not become their “crutch” or their catalyst. They should take responsibility (as much as possible, given their personal circumstances) for their own treatment and well-being plan, and how their illness will affect you and others.

3. Push Them, But Not too Hard

Depression and anxiety are two of the most common forms of fatigue/disinterest and obsession with things. As a partner, it is essential not to let him stay in bed all day and not to lose touch with what he likes. One of the best ways to help someone with depression is by exercising and meeting people.

Take them for a walk or a local glacier. This activity will help them refocus their minds and be more present.

4. Communicate openly

Encourage your spouse to talk about their feelings. You will find peace and a strong bond if you communicate with each other at difficult times.

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5. Don’t Use Their Mental Illness Against Them

This point is so crucial to remember. Your partner has taken a fairly important step to enter into a new relationship and then share his mental illness with you; the worst thing you can do is hold it over their heads. Honestly, the moments leading to sharing have probably brought their anxiety to new heights, as I mentioned in point # 1, be as understanding as possible about it.

Never throw it in the face during an argument! I understand that we all say nasty things that we don’t really want to say during an argument, but this is just one of the things that should be prohibited.

6. Show Support and Sympathy

The uncertainty and stigma associated with mental illness can cause sufferers to fear that you don’t like or want them and that you no longer want to marry them. On the other hand, a negative reaction from you can potentially exacerbate the symptoms of mental illness and cause additional feelings of hopelessness.

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7. Don’t Let Their Mental Illness Be an Excuse!

Is your partner using the depression to neglect your needs? Are you letting go of you? Handle you? No! Even if mental illness is difficult to manage and difficult to maneuver in a relationship that does not make you, the partner, well-being less important.

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