Subtle Signs Your Relationship Lacks Emotional Support

When you have a teammate in life, someone who is by your side to help you overcome the ups and downs, you can face the world, but when you are with a partner who usually retires, you may feel that you are carrying. The weight of life (and the relationship) alone. Here is the definitive list of subtle signs that your relationship lacks emotional support!

He constantly blames you for overreacting

When something happens, instead of listening to you and trying to support you, it immediately tells you that you are exaggerating. By doing this, you are minimizing the importance of your views and the problems you are going through. He is not even willing to try to understand what is happening and immediately changes to his defense mode called “blame him for overreacting.” For him, it is easier to tell him that he is imagining things than sitting next to him and trying to find a solution to his problem or just listening until he begins to feel better. If you are not ready to do these things, you will know that your relationship lacks emotional support and is not healthy. You don’t deserve to be blamed for overreacting when you know this is not the case.

Subtle Signs Your Relationship Lacks Emotional Support

He Minimizes Your Feelings

When something horrible happens, he responds with a kind of “buck up” response behind his cell phone. When he does this, he could be saying he doesn’t care about your problems, because if he did, it wouldn’t make you question the validity of what you feel by acting like you’re making mountains.

He Does not Care About Living Life To The Fullest

When you feel unmotivated and lazy, he does nothing to pick you up and get you going. It is not your job to keep it boosted, but if you are very happy with sitting and wasting your lives watching Netflix, you will not be a good companion when it comes to living the happiest life you can.

He shows no interest in your goals

Have you ever shown support and are really interested in your dreams, goals and achievements? If he is totally oblivious to these, you know he is not supporting emotionally. His goals and dreams are part of his life and if he is not willing to be part of that, it means he is not interested in helping him reach them or supporting him in his struggles. It means that you are only interested in what is happening in your life, which is not how relationships work. Emotional support is about caring for the wishes and well-being of others and being interested in every detail of your personal life. And if he is not ready to do all this, it is better without him.

When you cry, he’s nowhere to be found

Do you get the impression that it always disappears when you have difficult times? When you cry, do you have to call Interpol to find it because you have no idea where it is? If he is guilty of this, you know that your relationship lacks emotional support.

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Remember that in a relationship, it should always be your priority, no matter what. And if he leaves you alone during difficult times, he definitely does not deserve you during your happy moments.

He always forgets things

Do you always forget to do something you said that day or a few days before? Do you always need more time to realize what you are talking about because it doesn’t remember anything you said a few hours ago, a week ago or a month ago? If you always forget things, I am sorry to tell you, it means that I am not really listening to you at all. And not listening is the same as not caring about your words, thoughts, needs or emotions. Not listening means you’re much better without him because you definitely don’t deserve to be in a relationship that lacks emotional support.

Touches Are Comforting, Not Intimate

When you are not emotionally connected with your partner, your sex life may suffer.

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It is important to be real with yourself about what you really want in a relationship. If your partner does not meet your needs, it is okay to go ahead and find someone else to do it. It’s really about opening up, being vulnerable and giving your partner a safe space to do the same. It may not be easy, but if both can do that, they can build a deep connection that lasts.

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