Some of the Benefits and Disadvantages of Hair Spa


1. Effective in Reducing Dandruff

The pH levels of your scalp are balanced which is the aim of the hair spa treatment. It will help you maintain a healthy scalp and promote healthy hair. Dandruff-causing microbes and fight dandruff are the ingredients used.

2. Improves Blood Circulation

To enhance blood flow to your scalp, massage is very beneficial. To make the follicles firmer and stronger this brings nutrients. As a result you may have voluminous hair.

3. Moisturizes Hair and Scalp

To promote a healthy and hydrated scalp, hair spa treatments use essential oils and moisturizing ingredients. To prevent dryness and frizz, hair masks are packed with hydrating properties.

4. Normalizes Oil Secretion

Under your scalp, sebaceous glands are present to produce a natural oil called sebum. Your hair and scalp remains healthy by this oil.

Sometimes this oil is overproduced which results in clogged pores.

If right amount of sebum is not produced by sebaceous glands, then you may have a dry scalp. To achieve healthy and voluminous hair, the aim of hair spa treatments is to regulate sebum production on your scalp.

5. Reduce Stress

To combat stress, a good massage is the best which can also reduce hair fall.

6. Removes Impurities and Unclogs Scalp Pores

Like your skin, cleansing of your scalp is also necessary. Hair issues may arise due to clogged pores. To regenerate your hair growth unclogging of pores is effective.


1. A Huge Investment

The range of prices for hair spa treatments is Rs. 800 to Rs. 2000 which is not less. It is important to provide nutrition to your hair which is worth the money. Home treatment are also available if you can’t afford it.

2. Hair Spa Treatments Alone Don’t Do Anything

To maintain good hair health, a good hair care regimen is to be followed as monthly hair spa visits may not be enough. To allow your hair to heal, precautionary measures are important to take.

3. May Fade Hair Color

You should talk about using color-protecting products to your hair spa therapist, if you have colored your hair to prevent it from fading.

4. To Be Done Regularly For Results

Effectiveness of hair spa treatments is when it is done regularly. To have prolonged results, they must be a part of your monthly hair care regimen.

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