Signs you’ve met someone from your soul group

What is a Soul Group?

  • A group of souls is made up of a single person or a group of people with whom your soul resonates energetically mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually at any given time.
  • These people are members of the same “spiritual family” as you and they share with you an extremely strong bond that transcends time and space itself. Intuitively, most people tend to describe this connection as sharing the same “frequency” or “vibration” because of the deep harmony felt between these people.
  • Such a deep and harmonious connection goes beyond sharing the same tastes, hobbies and opinions of the personality based on the surface: it is an intense magnetic and spiritual bond that you will feel that is inexplicable for the mind.
  • Therefore, your group of souls is often described as being composed of souls cut from the same “energy tissue” as you. But this deep connection is not necessarily romantic.

Signs you’ve met someone from your soul group are:

You feel a constant attraction for them

Naturally, the soul connections will be greatly attracted to each other, and stopping this attraction will be impossible even if it becomes a distraction. The best thing to do here would be to give in to the attraction. That way you can both harness and channel your concentration productively.

Signs you’ve met someone from your soul group

You are magnetically attracted to them

For no obvious reason, a member of your soul group will appear as a sore thumb. And when that happens, you will immediately be drawn to them and all they have to offer. Even if you lose contact with them, they will continue to emerge again and again in your life.

You are comfortable with them and feel secure

You may have never met before, but once your eyes meet, it doesn’t seem embarrassing or attractive to you. In addition, you feel comfort and security when you look into your eyes. You feel the need to understand yourself immediately, even if your eye contact lasts only a brief moment.

Your eye contact is deep and engaging

You are not afraid to make eye contact with members of your family of souls and this does not seem embarrassing to you. When you make eye contact, there is something familiar that you both share, something comforting, something old. It is almost as if, when you make eye contact, you are tapping into a deeper truth that you understand and share in silence.

You feel as you have always known this person

You’ve never felt so comfortable and understood by another person in your entire life. Deep down, your connection feels timeless. You felt a strange sense of recognition and familiarity, even when you first met this person.

The hours talking to them are minutes

Time is completely relative when you speak to someone in your soul group. You love talking to them so much that time goes by very quickly. They reflect your best qualities Your group of souls reflect your best qualities, but it will also challenge you to see and embrace your greatest flaws. Sometimes you challenge yourself, including creating difficult circumstances for you to learn from or being brutally honest with you (even if it hurts). In any case, you can count on your group of souls to help you develop in an authentic way.

You share similar life experiences

Themes such as abandonment, abuse, isolation, and other struggles will be shared between you and your family of souls.

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Your soul feels nourished in their presence

There are people in life who seem to weigh heavily on your mind – your group of souls is the opposite. You will always feel seen, understood, loved and elevated by the members of your Soul Tribe.

You can be your real self with them

There is no need to hide, simulate, or pretend around your group of souls. Your group of souls honors you and celebrates your “authenticity” both at the personality level and at the soul level.

You may only meet one person in your soul group or, if you are lucky, you can meet them all, but that is not important. What matters is having the experience of meeting those who share your objective and your mission on Earth to support our collective evolution as a species.

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I feel blessed to know so many members of my Soul Tribe through this work and this website. I hope you are always attached to your own group of souls.

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