Signs Of Physical Attraction Between Two People

The signs of physical attraction can be spotted on just about any person if you look hard enough. All you need to do is observe with a watchful eye. If you do not look close enough at the people in question, then you might just miss the obvious signs of physical attraction that are out there for everyone else in the world to see.

Instead of missing out on possible opportunities, try and take the time to learn about the signs of chemistry between two people. Whether you are trying to figure out the signs that are being sent between you and another person or if you are trying to spot signs of unspoken attraction between two individuals that you happen to know, the tips below will help you to become more aware of what to look out for.

Signs Of Physical Attraction Between Two People

Eye contact says it all

At some point, you glanced in each other’s eyes and somehow that glance turned into a long, captivating stare. Something clicked and you could feel lust consuming your entire body and it’s not awkward when you lock eyes. You have no perception of time but you know it takes longer than normal. The best thing about it is that neither of you ever feels the slightest bit uncomfortable.

If anything, you feel more connected; the signs of sexual tension are getting stronger by the minute.

Innocent touches that drive you crazy

You just want them close to you that it’s almost impossible to stay away. So, you make the best of what you have; your handshakes and hugs last a bit longer than they are supposed to and you feel your body responding to them with vibes so electric that you know they feel them too.

You sit next to them at lunch, you rub against them in the elevator, anything for that feeling of closeness and that’s all you can do at this point. It feels like you are with your high school crush. Still, any form of physical contact is welcome and you play along. It’s not awkward because they do the same when they are around you. The sexual attraction is undeniable.

You want to look your best

When you’re around someone whom you find sexually attractive, you have this innate urge to impress them.

That’s why you can become very conscious of your own body and appearance, even if that is something you never thought about too much before. You may catch yourself thinking the night before about how to dress for work tomorrow. You want to show off your sex appeal in a subtle but still obvious way. You have no intention of looking trashy or easy. You dress to impress with hopes to undress.

Your mind wanders off

No matter how serious the task in hand is right now, you can’t prevent your thoughts from wandering off to the object of your tension.

You are easily distracted. You are physically present but your thoughts are not. You keep playing different scenarios in your mind of what you would do to the object of your tension if the opportunity were to present itself. In those moments, it feels as if all the obstacles standing in your way of being with them have magically disappeared.

Perfect chemical match

Sometimes the person you are into isn’t even your type to begin with. You never dated somebody who fits their profile but there is some kind of undeniable chemistry that is pulling you toward him.

It’s something you never felt before. It’s not about his looks or his behavior and you can’t single out just one thing you like—it’s more about like the whole package. It’s about the intensity of those unspoken feelings you believe you both share.

It gets harder and harder to resist

You are literally fighting with yourself. You are pretending you are cool while trying to settle a fire that your desires created.

You do your best to think with your brain and leave your cravings aside but they are too powerful. You struggle and do your best to conceal your thoughts. You are even a bit scared that everything will get out in the open. If you notice that you are trying too hard, you are already head over heels for them and beyond help.

People often mistake you for a couple

People in your surroundings notice that something fishy is going on. They notice that you spend a lot of time together, that you share glances and smiles and wonder if there is a new relationship on the horizon.

When you say you are just friends or coworkers they aren‘t buying it, they assume you are together and keeping it a secret. Even perfect strangers might mistake you for a couple as the magnetism you share is evident to anyone who spends any time in your close proximity.


Fidgeting and seeming nervous can also be a signs of a physical attraction. After all, it is perfectly normal to become nervous around someone that you might be physically attracted to since your attraction might make you feel self-conscious or insecure.

Does this person often adjust themselves, running their hand through their hair or fidgeting with their hands while talking to you, for instance? These are other possible signs that they could be atracted to you.

Both of you tend to get jealous at certain times

Too much jealousy is an awful thing that can easily turn toxic.

But when it’s a normal amount, jealousy can be a good thing, especially in situations like this when you are unclear where you stand. Have you noticed how their mood shifts when you mention someone else, how they say something mean about your coworker just to check your response? It seems low, right? But they can’t help themselves because they are scared that someone will steal you away. If you confront them, they will argue that they are curious. The truth is they feel threatened by anyone who is close to you because they feel like someone is invading their space.


When it comes to deciphering a situation for any signs of chemistry, it all depends on this particular person’s personality and how they show their attraction towards someone.

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It is absolutely possible to occasionally misread the signs you see and that is why you need to be very observant of what that person does. Figuring out if there is physical attraction between two people is arguably easier than deciphering if one person feels attraction for another individual.

This is because if there are chemistry and sparks flying between two people, then they will be clearly visible no matter how subtle it is. All you have to do is observe what is already in front of you. So go ahead and take a careful, close look at the two people that you suspect of having a physical attraction to one another. It can also certainly help to know how they interact with other people.

If two people act flirty together but they are essentially like that to everyone else as well, then it will be harder to tell if these two people are actually attracted to each other or if they are just being friendly in a purely platonic way.

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Now you know how to tell if there is any physical attraction between two people. Sometimes it is easy to spot when two people have an attraction to each other and other times, you need to be a lot more observant. Trying to figure this out can take a few seconds or a few days depending on how subtle or how obvious the clues are.

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