Signs a man wants a serious relationship

You are here because you want to know the biggest signs that he is serious about you. Maybe you start to feel fluttering sensations in your stomach reminding you of butterflies that maybe, just maybe, it could be the real deal.

7 Signs a man wants a serious relationship with you:

1. He talks about the future with you

It really opens up to the idea of having a future with you. For him, it is not only a temporary adventure or an occasional connection. He really wants things to work with you. He really wants to work for the longevity of your relationship. When a guy wants to see you, he’s constantly ready to go out and wants to be together as much as possible. He will also do his best to hang out and text you even when he’s very busy. In addition, he will make sure to respect the plans and respect your time.

Signs a man wants a serious relationship

2. You’re A Priority To Him

He will make you his priority if he really likes you and wants to be serious with you. What does that look like? It means that he treats you like an important part of his life, and not like an afterthought. What does that NOT look like? Him making you a priority doesn’t mean he’s going to put you first in every situation. It doesn’t mean that he’s going to drop everything in order to spend all his time with you. It means that he’s going to treat you as important to him – that he’s going to make time for you even when time is tight. So if you can tell he’s making an effort to make time for you, even when he’s got a lot going on – that’s a very good sign that he’s serious about you.

3. He stays completely open and honest with you.

He allows himself to be vulnerable with you. The proof of its seriousness lies in its openness. A guy rarely opens up to a girl. But if he really wants to be with you, he will have no problem making himself vulnerable to gain your trust, your love and your affection. Reaching for someone means something different for everyone and in each different situation. In this one, it means that he can be open with you and trust you to accept his honesty – even if it’s something you may not want to hear.

When a guy can trust a woman enough to be open and honest with her, it’s a big deal. It instantly makes him more serious for you and the relationship – because the guys know how rare it is.

4. He Listens To Your Opinion

The foundation of any successful relationship is respect. Respect is born of mutual admiration and mutual trust. It grows when each partner sees things to admire in the other. So if he asks you for your opinion on the decisions he should make, it is a very good sign. And if he takes your advice into account and changes his because of it, it’s even better. We all have things in which we are good, so he will no longer count your opinion on something he knows that you are passionate about that it is not the same as you would refresh his opinion on something a little that you are passionate about and you know it is no but would take their advice seriously on something you know a lot less.

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5. He always acts respectfully towards you.

Of course, he can be just a generally respectful man. But if you notice that he always makes it a point to treat you with respect, you know that he genuinely cares about what you think of him. He’s heavily invested in your opinion of him because he wants to always leave a good impression on you.

6. He tells you that he loves you.

And at the end of the day, you can believe him or you won’t; but if a guy tells you that he loves you, and you know that he’s serious about it, that’s all you really need. And it shouldn’t be enough that he tells you about his feelings. He should be able to back them up with real actions and gestures as well. If he tells you often and lets you know not only in words but also in a gesture that he loves you, he likely wants you all to himself.

7. He Doesn’t Keep You a Secret

When a guy lets you in on his entourage and lets everyone know, it’s one of the signs of commitment. Meeting with friends, office colleagues, family and loved ones is an indication that he is serious about you. This means that he is confident around you, likes being seen with you and wants you to be integrated into his life.

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It is a big step towards a serious and committed relationship, so if he wants to make you meet his friends and family, it is because he thinks of you seriously and takes your relationship seriously. I hope this article will help you determine if your guy is serious about you.

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