Signs a guy friend likes you

If you can see the signs that a friend loves you romantically in your life, you may be able to turn that friendship into something much more without any confusion. The transition from friendship to relationship can be easy, but it can often cause tension and tension. None of you want to ruin the friendship by sharing your feelings and being rejected.

Signs a guy friend likes you

So you have a crush on a friend. Or maybe you think they have a crush on you. Either way, you want to be sure you can take the next step. But how do you find out without being ridiculed?

Signs a guy friend likes you

1. He wants to be physically close to you

One obvious sign that your friend is in you is their body language and the non-verbal signs they are sending you. If your friend feels any physical attraction to you, he will do whatever it takes to bring you closer to you. It is something he cannot control and something he probably ignores. I’m not saying that this guy will try to touch you inappropriately or that he won’t respect your limits or invade your personal space, but he will definitely have an uncontrollable urge to make some kind of physical contact. Whenever you are with a group of people, they will always be sitting or standing next to you to be closer to you. Whenever he talks to you, he won’t miss an opportunity to touch you, even if it means just touching your hand or shoulder or rubbing your knee. In addition, he will always lean a little too close to you whenever he has the opportunity.

2. He spends time alone with you

Friends often hang out in groups. I don’t need to tell you. But when a friend you normally see in a group wants to spend time alone with you, it may be because they love you romantically. It can be difficult to establish a deeper connection or to move when you are around so many others.

3. He wants your family and friends to like them.

It’s a big problem. I have a lot of friends who barely know my family, but if a friend loves you romantically, they want to make a good impression on the people closest to you. Whether they think something will happen between you in the future or not, they want the people you love to like them.

4. He remembers everything.

When you love someone, you try not to let anything get through the cracks. Be careful. So when a friend romantically loves you, they’ll even remember the little things you said in passing. You may have mentioned that your grandfather used to race cars. Most people may not remember this detail, but a friend who romantically loves you will.

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5. He protects you

When a man loves a woman in any way, he will always want to protect her, and your male friends are no exception. But if this guy is doing his best to show you his protective side, it’s a dead gift that he wants you to see him as more masculine. Therefore, he thinks it is his duty to protect you and your needs. No matter how strong your wife is, if a guy loves you, he sees you as that vulnerable little girl who needs her help. He doesn’t think that way because he wants to undermine you. Instead, he wants to be a bigger man in his own eyes by serving as a protector. Whenever someone hurts you, and especially if that someone is a guy who broke your heart, they are the first to take care of them. Whenever you chat with someone else, this guy always takes your side and always defends you. On top of all that, he does everything without you even asking him.

6. He initiates contact

It is normal for friends to stay in touch and have different types of contacts. But if you have a male friend who always initiates contact and communication, he definitely has a crush on you. This guy texts you good morning and good night, and he always ask you how your day went. He stays in touch with everything that’s going on in your life, and you can’t think of the last day you didn’t hear from him. Obviously, he needs to speak to you daily, and it’s rarely something that friends do. Another reason why he does it is that he wants to be part of your life, so you would get used to him and you might develop romantic feelings for him. Besides, every time you spend time together, it is he who initiates these meetings. Even if he has no valid reason to call or see you, he will find an excuse to do so.

7. He helps you out

Among other things, friends are there to help us with different things in life. But this guy is an exception. He puts so much effort into helping you with everything in your life that you started to see him as your partner, not just as a friend. This guy is there for everything a buddy would usually do for you. If you need help moving out, if you need someone to do the small things in the house, or if you need something to fix it. he is always there for you. And over time, you got used to having it with you. If you have a flat tire or just need a lift, this is the first person you call. Although he may be just friendly and polite, if your male friend goes out of his way to help you and resolve any small inconvenience you face, it is likely that he will be in love with you. He wants to help you whenever he can and he also wants to present himself as a reliable man you can always count on.

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8. He is always there for you

In addition to always helping you in life, if your friend has romantic feelings for you, he will also bring you comfort. This man will never be too busy to hear from you and solve your problems. He will never be happy if you have problems. This guy is the first person you call whenever you feel depressed, and he will never refuse to be your shoulder to cry. He will be there to hold your hand throughout life and advise you when you need it. When you call him, he leaves everyone and everything he does behind you to be there. Of course, a true friend will not be by your side when everything is going well, but also when things get complicated, and all this can mean that he is only a real friend.

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