If you respond with a text message too quickly or ask to meet many times, it is labeled as sticky. Psychopath. Desperate.

But she is just being authentic. She is only being honest about her feelings instead of acting like the cool girl, the girl who doesn’t care about anyone but herself.

If she didn’t care about you, then she wouldn’t even think about sending a double text message. She wouldn’t throw heart emojis in her messages. She wouldn’t try so hard to get your attention.

clingy likes

So, instead of going out every time she sends the first text message or tries to make plans with you over the weekend, you should really take it as a compliment.

She doesn’t put so much effort into everyone. He only does it when he really likes someone, when he has high hopes that they will become a permanent part of his life.

She is not trying to suffocate you. She doesn’t expect you to leave everything to hang out with her or send her a text message when you’re busy at work. It is not the only part. Only an important part.

She just seems sticky, because she cares.

Because she really admits how she feels instead of lying about it, instead of pretending to be fine when she isn’t, instead of acting like she doesn’t give a shit when something is really killing her.

All the reasons you complain about her and the sticky flame are really all the things that make it worthwhile to date her.

Since when did it become a bad thing to worry about someone else?

Seriously, what’s wrong with a girl who always asks you about your day? Who responds quickly? Who wants to go out with you during their free time?

Would you rather I ignore your text messages? Does he tell you he is too busy to see you? Disappear from your life without a goodbye?

He is only paying attention to you, because he likes you and wants to pay you the attention he thinks you deserve. She wants to make you feel loved.

She is not interested in playing hard to get, because she does not want to get caught in the pre-appointment phase. She wants something real with you. She wants a real relationship because she can imagine you two going somewhere.

She doesn’t see the point of sending mixed signals, of playing games, of making you guess what she wants from you. She is trying to do you a favor by being frank.

So you can keep complaining about it being sticky, or you can be grateful that you have a girl in your life who really doesn’t give a shit. Who will be there for you, no matter what happens, no questions are asked.

Remember, she just seems sticky, because she likes you. Because she is willing to reserve a time to treat you well. Because he is not afraid of his own feelings.

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