Her life without husband or child? Great

Society tells women that to live a happy and fulfilling life, they must be married and have children. There is so much pressure to marry and have children that women often find themselves in terrible relationships. This is not to say that married women with children are not happy. However, there is another choice for women. The one we don’t often talk about. Don’t let the expectations of society dictate your life. There are women who choose another path.

Lisa Andrew did not allow these ridiculous expectations of her to define her life. She made her own way and did it her own way. The results? Read them for yourself!

Her life without husband or child? Great

“I am a 40 years old woman. Neither I am married, nor have children. And honestly, I don’t regret a single percent about the choices I made.

Don’t waste your life worrying about “being alone” because it’s bullshit! Loneliness is a feeling and getting married or having children does not exempt you from experiencing that feeling. In fact, some of the most lonely people I know are surrounded by people.

Travel in the world! I started traveling alone at the age of 18, since then I have visited more than 15 countries myself. I feel more connected to myself and the world when I walk in a park or on the top of a mountain in a foreign place – all by myself.

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In the photo above, I am in Morocco – I have visited several Muslim countries alone (gasp!). Traveling alone means that you have to politely ask strangers to take your picture and they are not always great photographers. It’s probably the biggest problem I’ve had traveling alone.

But I have to admit that traveling to Europe is easier for a single woman. You make more friends.

I cannot say that everything is perfect, but what is perfect? I work hard to live a good life. I am very careful with my time and with whom I spend it – I love what I do for a living, I have good friends and a small but close family.

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Life is about choice, you can choose to live a happy life even if you are alone and you don’t have to be “alone”.

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