• She gets upset and nervous when it takes you too long to text back as she is worried.
  • She fears that something bad happened to you. And, this is the worst thing in the world for her. She wouldn’t be able to survive to lose you.
  • So, when she double texts you to see why you are late from work, it isn’t to nag you or because she doesn’t trust you.  The only reason for doing this is that she is worried about your safety. She is worried that you might have gotten into an accident.
  • She wants to know about your plans in advance because she wants to be sure that she will see you. She is fully aware of the fact that waiting until the last minute could mean missing out a chance to see you.  Plus, she has her own life. If you are pressed for time and you cannot see each other, she could do something else. If you let her know on time, she will ask her friends to go out.  She has other things to do and she simply doesn’t want to waste her free time.
  • She might ask too many details about your day… But, again, this doesn’t mean that she is doing this to nag you.  It means that she cares. She wants the best for you. She cares about your life and your happiness as much as she does for her own.
  • Asking too many questions doesn’t mean that she is trying to invade your privacy. She does so as she wants to keep you engaged. She wants to keep the conversation balanced.  She doesn’t want to make it about her only!
  • She calls you in the morning because she wants to let you know that you are the first thing that pops on her mind upon waking up.  She loves you and wants to spend the entire day with you, if possible. But, she also understands that you have your own life and that your world doesn’t revolve around her.  She understands that you cannot text or answer back right away.
  • She isn’t clingy because she cares about you.  She wants to have you around. She is not interested in playing games and doesn’t see a point in lying.
  • You might feel suffocated by her openness and her habit of acting too clingy, but at least she gives a damn. She cares. She admits that you mean to her. She puts in effort. And she stays authentic.
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