Reminders For Badass Women Who Are Trying To Strike A Balance Between Work And Love

The modern working woman of today has a variety of hats that she has to wear on a given day and at any time. As women, we are great caregivers and will prioritize the needs and priorities of others, but over time this only leads to failure. What I’ve consistently seen is that most women think “I just can’t have it all.” They resign themselves to thinking that at some point in their busy days something has to give in and most of the time they are the ones that remain with the hand. short stick They often overlook their own health and well-being to deal with all the competing priorities of their career and family. These are the secrets of successful working women around the world. A life where there is a balance between a prosperous career and a happy home life.

Do what you love.

It doesn’t matter if he has the job of his dreams or is dating the person of his dreams. There will still be bad days. There will still be times when you fight. You can’t give up when that happens. You must remember that even the best things in your life will cause stress from time to time.

Reminders For Badass Women Who Are Trying To Strike A Balance Between Work And Love

Never let your love get in the way of your dreams.

Your person will always support your dreams. They will have complete faith in you. If the person you are dating has been begging you to give up your passions because you have no chance of succeeding, then it is not your person forever.

Manage Your Own Health First.

If your energy is low and you don’t have the urge to take care of other people and important things in your life, then everyone loses. Be sure to eat healthy foods that feed your body with good nutrition and take the time to exercise regularly so that you can relieve the stress of everyday life. If you do not, these stressors can accumulate in your system and cause a variety of mental and physical health problems, so avoid the bullet by being proactive to take good care of yourself. Your loved ones will thank you!

Communicate Your Wants And Needs Clearly

As much as we would like to think that our loved ones can read our minds, they (mostly) cannot. Instead of having to make them guess and be disappointed when they don’t discover exactly what you want, ask for what you need. Practice having open, honest and sincere conversations with your loved ones so that everyone involved feels seen, heard and respected. They will appreciate it and you will avoid the error of assumptions that went wrong.

Sometimes, you’ll lose balance.

You will never have everything resolved. Sometimes, life will throw you curved balls. It is possible for your person to experience a death in the family and will have to leave work for a week or two to concentrate all their energy on them. Or your boss could assign you a massive project and your person might have to stay in the background for a few days. If your relationship is strong enough, you can cross the rugged terrain because it is only temporary.

It’s okay to be (a little) exhausted.

It’s hard to juggle a social life and a career, but you can’t afford to burn. If you feel spiral, look at your schedule. See what can be rearranged. Can you check emails in the office so you don’t have to do it at home? Can you ask your person not to send you text messages during work hours so you can concentrate and go home sooner? Sometimes, small changes can make a big difference.

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Your priorities are going to shift by the day — and that’s okay.

On a weekend, you can ignore your work emails because you have planned a day at the beach with your person forever. But on a Monday morning, you can choose to skip breakfast with your person to arrive early at the office to impress your boss. You should not consider any of those things like choosing your overworked person or choosing work on your person. What you consider your top priority will change according to the day, time and mood in which you are.

Have a healthy love life.

Don’t let yourself believe that you have to sacrifice one area of your life to succeed in another area. You can live your dreams while you are married to the person of your dreams. You can pass. You just have to make an effort to make this happen.

Giving And Receiving 100%

It is often said that being in a relationship is a give and take. That each of you gives 50% of the total relationship so that it “works” at 100%, right? But the real key is to give 100% of you, your attention and your time at this time, to your loved ones while asking them to also give 100% of themselves to the relationship.

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In other words, when you are with your partner (or with a colleague), stay with them as best you can. When you give it all, you can feel it. And as human beings, when we feel completely seen and heard, our hearts open and create a stronger connection with others. This helps build trust and collaboration, which greatly contributes to reducing misunderstandings.

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