Powerful Ways Women Can Empower Other Women

Nowadays you hope that the idea that women work together does not conjure up negative images. It would be wonderful to think that the concept of having a female boss was no more extraordinary than that of having a man, but even the most brief research on these subjects has shown that this is simply not the case. There’s no denying that western civilisation has long held an appetite for the concept. From Queen Elizabeth I’s long-held feud with Mary, Queen of Scots to Beyonce and Rihanna’s alleged mutual hatred, the public never tires of a good old story about one woman fighting with another.

Empowering women through education

Provides quality education for disadvantaged girls and young people in urban and rural areas of India. Using feminist pedagogy, gender awareness techniques and discussions on empowering adolescents on social issues in classrooms, many institutions offers teacher training, workshops, educational centers and professional training. The aim is to enable girls to have equal participation in society. “Education empowers women because it teaches them the most important lesson of all: they are equal people and they have the right to live and develop according to their own choice,” said Dr. Urvashi Sahni. , founding president of the Study Hall Educational Foundation. “Education not only gives them academic skills, but it teaches them that they have the right to use those skills for themselves. make.”

Powerful Ways Women Can Empower Other Women

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Celebrate each other’s strengths

It is not uncommon to receive only communications from a manager or peer when a task needs to be completed or when criticism is made – as a freelancer, I know it too well. Instead of just communicating what is achievable or negative, tell your female peers or team members that praise is also deserved. Celebrate their strengths and achievements. There seems to be a widely held misconception that one should have grown up because of the need for praise as an adult, but I would risk assuming that not a single person found this to be true. Celebrating the forces not only helps fight impostor syndrome, but also helps retain the right employees – according to the 2017 Gallup State of the Workplace Report, “lack of recognition” remains one of the reasons the most common ones for which people leave an organization. Help your female colleagues to be recognized for the areas in which they are particularly competent and share their achievements all over the world.

Empowering women to run their own business

To achieve its goal of empowering township residents to start their own business and get out of poverty, Tracey Chambers created The Clothing Bank in South Africa. The clothing bank partners with the largest retail companies in South Africa, which donate their excess inventory to the bank. The Bank then sells this inventory at greatly reduced prices to women, who start their own small business. The clothing bank also offers training programs to help build confidence, a sense of community and the skills women need to succeed. In the critical areas of physical, mental and social well-being, the organization takes a “head-heart-hands” approach. “Our program works in a deep holistic way with women to unleash human potential,” said Chambers. “We focus on the development of the woman as a whole by giving her the knowledge to be a great businesswoman, the opportunity to practice her business skills every day and education. The space to develop her self-confidence, heal past trauma and become a role model in your community. “

Be approachable and offer help

That female rivalry I was talking about at the beginning? It often stems from the fact that women have a subconscious belief that there are simply not enough opportunities to go round, so they will have to fight potential competitors for them. Certainly, some men suffer from this belief as well but it is something that plagues women more consistently. Hardly surprising when women held just 25% of senior roles across the world last year. The best way to combat this isn’t by undermining each other—it’s by helping each other. Offering mentorship or help of any kind to other women will go a long way to redressing this imbalance and help offer a “leadership pipeline” to those aspiring to more powerful positions.

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Be open about your own vulnerabilities and failures

If I had a book for each time one of my friends had spoken enthusiastically about a woman they admired, only to follow up with a statement like “but I will never get there …” I would be moored my super-yacht in St Tropez right now. Why do women do this? Here’s my theory: there are so few women who succeed compared to men in the world that we think these women are “special” and “other” for we. We rationalize that to get to where they are, they must have had something more – they are so rare that there must have been some sort of magical fairy dust or focusing pocus involved which the rest of ‘between us can not access. The more openly successful women speak about the trials and tribulations that brought them to where they are, the better. Admitting past failures, setbacks and vulnerabilities does not perpetuate more failures, setbacks or vulnerabilities. This paves the way for other women to be sure that just because someone told them they made a mistake or failed something the first time, it doesn’t mean they will be canceled . Men never needed the validation of perfection like women did. Because the world always looks at women through a male lens, they have been led to believe that imperfection makes them irrelevant.

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