Powerful Ways To Make Him Want You Back In No Time

Wondering how to make him want you back? No need to look further because you’re definitely in the right place!

So, you probably broke up recently or you’ve been apart for a long time now but you still feel like you can’t move on.

Powerful Ways To Make Him Want You Back In No Time

No matter what you do, you still end up thinking about him.

He’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you wake up in the morning and when you go to sleep at night.

You can’t help but overthink about why you had to break up in the first place and worry about if it was just a mistake.

You see, when you fall in love with someone, it is hard to simply delete them from your mind after a break-up.

They are basically a part of you and sometimes it takes years to move on (depending on how strong your relationship was) and sometimes going back to them is inevitable.

Before diving deeper into any ‘make him want you back’ strategies, first you need to make sure if he’s worthy of coming back into your life.

If your guy has been guilty of any of the following things, you should not under any circumstances put in the effort to get him back!

He cheated on you

He constantly lied to you

He constantly disrespected and underestimated you

He verbally or physically abused you

If he’s done any of these, you should seriously think more about your wish to reunite with him.

If he’s cheated on you, the chances are that he will do it again.

If you don’t believe me, researchers claim that people who are guilty of cheating in one relationship are THREE TIMES as likely to cheat on their next partner.

If he’s lied to you, you need to ask yourself if you will ever be able to trust him again and if anything he’s ever said to you is a lie.

If he disrespected or underestimated you or verbally or physically abused you, you should immediately discard the idea of making him want you back—you’re not doing so because you really want to but because you’re still under his spell.

He made you think that you can’t function without him (which is a common thing among abusers and psychopaths) and that is why you still want him back even though he should be the last thing that ever comes to your mind.

Whatever the reason is, I cordially recommend talking to a therapist about how you feel regarding your break-up, the reasons for your break-up and why you want him back.

That way you will get more of a meaningful insight into what you should do and what is the best solution for the situation you’re in!

How to make him want you back

If you’ve strongly and wholeheartedly decided that you want him back no matter what and you feel it in your gut that it is the right thing to do, it will be my honor to be your guide!

When it comes to winning your man back, you need to remember one thing and that is your dignity.

To successfully win him back in no time, you should never, ever bring your dignity into question.

Now, what does this mean? It means that you should never beg, go out of your way to win his attention, stalk him or similar.

If you do any of this, I can guarantee you that you will never succeed in getting him back. You will only become frustrated and disappointed.

The best formula for winning him back is to make him respect you and appreciate you, so that he is dying to be with you.

You need to let him know that you’re perfectly good without him and you need to give him space to make an effort to win you and deserve to be a part of your life again! And this is how you’ll do it!


1. Cut all communication

If you want to win him back in record time, the first thing you need to do is cut all kinds of communication with him.

This means forgetting about Facebook messages, phone calls, texting him and any type of social media.

You need to strictly stick to the no contact rule for some time! And now you’re probably wondering why.

The main reason why you need to cut off all communication with him is to give yourself the time and space needed to process everything that happened and distance yourself in order to create the perfect environment that will draw him to you.

The moment you stop calling or texting him, he will immediately start thinking more about you and wondering about your whereabouts and mindset.

And all of this will make him instantly miss you without him even being aware of that. And missing something or someone means wanting it back, right?

2. Assess what went wrong in the relationship

Think about why the two of you broke up in the first place. Was it because of something that you did or him?

Is there anything that you could improve regarding yourself that will improve your chances of winning him back?

You need to assess what went wrong in the relationship in order to target the ‘culprit’ and devise the perfect plan that will bring him back to you.

A part of that perfect plan is thinking about how you can improve yourself.

Was he mad because of your incessant partying or too much work? Did you act irresponsibly in one way or another?

Think about it and once you realize any potential ‘errors’ of yours, start working on them to prove to him that you’ve changed.

Getting him back is not about only wanting him back and not lifting a finger to make it happen.

It’s about constant adapting and adjusting to the situation you’re in.

It’s about detecting potential errors and devising the perfect foolproof software—in this case, the relationship.

3. Apologize, if necessary

The next thing you need to think about is how you ended your relationship.

Did you yell at each other, throw things all over the place and swear that you’d never talk to him again?

Or perhaps you said something that you can’t help but regret?

If you feel like you’re guilty of any of these things, you should consider apologizing to him before proceeding to anything else.

Many people think that if they apologize to their partner it will probably mean that they are weak. But this is not true.

Apologizing means being aware of your mistakes or words said in anger, acknowledging them and moving on.

By doing this, you will show him that you’re ready to move on with your life and forget everything that happened in your past, which will make him see that you’ve changed and he will also be suspicious about your current love life.

4. Focus on your needs

The most important thing that you should focus on is what makes you happy. What do you enjoy doing? What brings a smile to your face?

Is it a day in a spa, a long bath with scented candles, a special cake, buying lingerie or sexy clothes?

Do whatever makes you happy!

Do not spend time thinking only about him and how to make him want you back because if you do that, you will not succeed in it or it will take much more time than needed.

You need to focus on today and on your happiness instead of constantly yearning for a fake one.

As long as you’re taking good care of yourself and doing things you like, you will be ten times happier and ten times more attractive.

And your wish is to win him back, right?

Believe me, when it comes to winning him back, there’s nothing more effective than showing him that you still rock!

5. Show him that you’re happy without him

There’s nothing more frustrating or repulsive than being a person who is needy and desperate for someone.

If you show him that he’s the center of your world and you simply can’t function without him, you will never make him want you back.

Instead, you will only push him even further away.

What you need to do is show him that you don’t need him and that you’re perfectly happy without him.

You need to act like you don’t care about him, delete your photos on social media, start posting inspiring photos showing how content and happy you are and similar.

The moment he realizes that you’re actually genuinely happy without him in your life, he will want to come back to you because there’s nothing sexier than a fierce, independent woman who doesn’t need a man to make her happy.

He will literally beg you to need him and to find some space in your life for him as well because he will want to be a part of your happiness, too!

6. Work on improving yourself

I understand that you’re probably going through a tough time, barely finding the strength to wash your hair, let alone to think about putting make-up on, exercising or something else that requires more effort than the minimum.

But you need to understand that working on improving yourself is of high importance if you want to make him want you back.

You need to get in shape by hitting the gym or exercise at home (thank God there are thousands of exercises on YouTube nowadays), be careful of your diet, drink plenty of water and spend time in nature.

All of these will make you feel instantly better and it will improve you mentally and physically.

Improving yourself means investing in your happiness and well-being, which is an important part of his decision to come back to you.

I mean no one can resist a hot chick who knows how to take care of herself, right?

7. Make him jealous

I know that many of you will not agree with this one but making someone jealous is sometimes actually a great idea and it will benefit you in so many aspects.

To do it right, you need to pay attention to how you’re doing it because you don’t want to appear too evil or careless.

You want to do it in a more subtle way.

To make him feel jealous in a subtle way, consider posting photos of you and a male friend (who he doesn’t know about) on social media, which will instantly make him wonder who the hell that guy is and his hormones will be on fire.

A healthy amount of jealousy is all about being mysterious about your whereabouts and the people you’re hanging with.

To spice it up a little bit more, try flirting with other guys when your ex is present, just to let him know that you’re still in the game and to make him think that he will need to work hard if he wants to win you back because the competition is strong!

8. Take his stuff back to him

Are you still surrounded by his stuff and things that remind you of him?

If you are, you need to consider taking his stuff back to him and here is why.

Firstly, once you take his stuff back to him, you will be ten times happier because you will not constantly think only about him and dwell on your past.

Secondly, taking his stuff back to him will make him think about you more, which is exactly what you need.

It will remind him of all of those moments when he was looking for that perfect gift for you and when he was seeing you smile when you received them.

Soon, he will find himself in a labyrinth of nostalgia for the past moments spent with you, which will make him want you back in no time.

Also, he will be afraid that you’re totally over him and that is the reason why you’re returning all of his stuff to him.

9. Widen your horizons

Are there any specific hobbies or activities that you always wanted to try but somehow you didn’t? Well, now is the time to do it!

It’s time to widen your horizons and indulge in different, engaging activities that will bring a smile to your face and make you feel complete.

You can try abstract art, singing, writing or similar and you can also post it on your social media.

When he sees how passionate you are about something, he will lose his mind for you and he will want you back!

All you need to do is have fun and find some interesting things to do that will reflect your passionate side.

You need to let him know that you’re not a couch potato eating tons of ice cream and watching your favorite TV shows.

You are an attractive woman and you choose to spend your time wisely by having fun while doing exciting things!

10. Wait for the perfect timing to get in touch with him

Many women out there make this fatal mistake of contacting their ex at the wrong time.

Now, to prevent this from happening, we need to make clear when the wrong time is and when the perfect time to contact him is.

The wrong time is, obviously, a day after you broke up, or even a few days or a week after you broke up. Why?

Why Some Women CheatBy the way, check out the previous article. There is a lot of useful information for you - Why Some Women Cheat

Because you both need time to come to your senses and to think about what just happened.

You need to recharge yourself and focus on other things instead of just your ex or the reason why you broke up in the first place.

The perfect timing would be at least four weeks after your break-up and after you’ve done all of the above things (had some time for yourself and worked on improving yourself).

Why You Should Never Date A Guy Who Isn’t Sure About YouTake a look at the following article. It contains more useful information - Why You Should Never Date A Guy Who Isn’t Sure About You

Then you can consider getting in touch with him, asking him to go for a drink or similar.

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