Makeup tips every older woman must know

Makeup is incredibly stimulating because it helps you feel and feel like the best version of yourself at any age. When it comes to makeup, your technique completely changes the game on the end result. If you are over 50 and have problems such as fine lines, wrinkles and age spots, don’t worry. In fact, adopt the aging process – because you can always count on a little makeup to help you put your best face forward.

1. Test makeup in the right places

Slide the lipstick on your thumb and foundation, concealer and shade on the web between your thumb and forefinger. No more wiping the store tester and applying it to your face or back of your hand, please. Not only is it not hygienic, but it is not realistic. Skin test similar to the area where the product will be used. The soft, fleshy blue-red cushion of your thumb looks more like the actual skin of the lips and gives a truer idea of the shade and texture of the lipstick.

Makeup tips every older woman must know

2. Use Primer

The primer unifies the skin and keeps the lighter foundations in place. Consider a tinted primer that offers the benefits of an all-in-one primer, moisturizer and foundation.

3. Use Lighter Weight Foundation

Do not use thick cream foundations or powders that create an unnatural mask. Instead, use a light formulation that will create a more natural look. A light formula will help your base appear more natural and radiant (and no one wants to end up with a pasty finish). Apply your foundation with a Beauty Blender or a wet brush, and mix it really well to get the right amount of coverage.

4. skincare upward and outward

It really helps to fight gravity, and it accompanies loose skin and deep expression lines. Mix creams, serums and oils in gentle sweeping movements, working from the center of your face outward. In the short term, it stimulates circulation, helps the products to melt in the skin and provides a soothing sensation – in the long term, it minimizes downward traction. Make-up artists, day spa beauticians, facialists and the instruction sheet printed with luxury face creams would not have it otherwise! Start at the base of your neck and work your way up to the jaw.

5. Befriend A Concealer

If you have problems like dark circles, age spots, and redness, all you need is a little concealer to sort them out. Remember, always use your concealer after applying your foundation. That way you won’t need a lot of coverage. That way you can place it exactly where you need it and useless. It also looks much more natural.

6. Start and stop brow makeup where it should

Improving or inventing mature eyebrows is a big problem, but we often pay too much attention to fullness and shape, not length. This is why even the “corrected” eyebrows are insufficient. Align any pencil vertically from the outer corner of your nose to align it with your inner corner of the eyes. This is where your forehead should start. Fill your forehead with small strokes of the hairlike pencil upwards, then tilt the pencil from the nose to the outer corner of the eye. This is where your forehead should stop. Warning: do not follow the downward curve of the hair of the drooping eyebrows.

7. Go Darker with Concealer

When trying to de-emphasize age spots, apply a shade of concealer slightly darker than you think. Remember that placing a light cover on a dark spot does not work and gives an ashy appearance.

8. Add A Flush Of Color To Your Cheeks

A touch of cream blush that will leave you with a subtle touch of color is perfect for older skin. You must take into account the shape of your face and apply the color at the height of the apples of your cheeks. Blend this up along your cheekbones to instantly define and lift your features. You will be surprised by how this trick works not only to add glow to your face but also to make it look more alive and younger.

9. A makeup sponge is not for makeup, it is for adding moisture.

Here’s a major secret: unlike the fingers, makeup sponges suck up a lot of face makeup. You end up using more makeup for each application and you run out very quickly. The most expensive teardrop sponge is in fashion, but these triangles have been around forever and do the job just as well. Use them to refresh an overdose of makeup or touch up makeup during the day or evening. You just need to put a makeup sponge under hot water, squeeze the excess and dab (press, do not slide!) Your face directly on your makeup.

10. The center of your face is where you need the most makeup coverage

Stop being obsessed with these cheeky brown spots – no one else even notices them. Start with your nose (bridge to the nostrils) and its surroundings, because this is where redness, dark circles, broken capillaries, large pores must be covered. Apply the foundation or your beauty balm/color correction cream (BB / CC) in the center, and mix outwards from there towards the hairline, jaw and ears, veiling the texture to them gradually. Then, for the second round, go through the area again, using a foundation brush in a back and forth movement in all directions, as if painting a wall.

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11. Ditch Sparkly Eyeshadows

Regarding skin aging, the skin of the eyelids can come off and also go down on them. There are many ways to combat this problem. Your eyeshadow can play a crucial role in the appearance of your eyes. Avoid very dark shades and overly scintillating eye shadows as these tend to recede. Instead, use lighter colors without a lot of highlights to put your eyes forward.

12. Manipulate your same old lipstick’s texture and shade

You already know that lining and filling the lips with a toner will prevent dark circles around the mouth and maintain color, but you don’t know: you can transform any lipstick into a more matte or mute by blotting with a handkerchief and satin or matte powder – choose from loose pressed, even blush, peach, pink, tan or tan eyeshadow – any type works. This tip also softens the nuances of overly bold or deep berries. Apply your usual lipstick and dab it with a scintillating and scintillating powder as above.

13. Yes To Eye Pencils (No To Liquid Liners)

Instead of a liquid eyeliner that may seem too heavy, opt for a pencil eyeliner in a soft brown or taupe shade. Use it to subtly define the upper lash line and the tight lash line. It is a good idea to leave your lower lashes and your waterline alone, as defining them can make your eyes look smaller and tired.

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14. Always Curl Your Lashes

Love your eyelash curler, ladies! Curling your eyelashes makes you look much younger. It is important to always curl your eyelashes before applying the mascara, otherwise, you risk breaking your hair and ruining your curler with mascara grime.

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