One of the best ways to develop your mental toughness is to find habits and little tips throughout the day to keep your energy high, your mood positive, and help you develop habits and skills that will help you. It will help you progress and feel good about what you are doing. During this time, you develop your mental toughness so you don’t feel exhausted and overwhelmed.

Prepare for a stronger and happier mental year by applying some of these tips:

1. make your bed

You’re already getting things done and getting off to a good start when you make your bed early in the morning. Remember the saying, “The condition of your bed is the condition of your head”? There is a lot of truth in this. While this may seem like a small step, it has huge benefits.

Research shows that people who make their beds every day are generally happier with their lives, more productive, and have a greater sense of pride and accomplishment in their day for all the tasks they do. This little thing gets you used to finishing projects right away in the morning. A chore even before brushing your teeth, what a nice feeling!

2. Say nice things to each other every day

Commit to reducing negative self-talk and blowing up the nice things you say to yourself. It may feel silly at first to become your own cheerleader in your head, but think about how good it will feel as you make stronger and stronger decisions about your life. These same decisions will allow you to move towards your goal. Keep in mind that negative thoughts can appear very quickly, when you detect them, just acknowledge them as wrong (even if you have to say it out loud) and replace them with a positive thought.

3. Write something good every day

You can keep it in a jar, journal, shoe box, or anywhere you like, but write something extraordinary every day. Help create gratitude in your life. At the end of the year, you will be able to sit back and look back at the positive things you have experienced and accomplished, rather than the challenges or difficulties that made you want to give up.

4. Write down the positive aspects of each challenge

Life is all about perspective. Change your perspective and you can change your life. Instead of complaining and getting angry or disappointed (engaging in negative self-talk) about challenges that may arise, build your positive mental toughness by looking at the positives and things you could learn from the challenges. Do your best to find something to be thankful for every day.

5. Practice mindful happiness on the go

Practice mindful happiness on the go Mindfulness is about being in the moment. To feel comfortable being happy, practice being completely happy. Take an event, moment, or memory where you feel good and enjoy that feeling. Notice how it fits into your body, how your thoughts change, how your body changes, and how you feel; See if there is any color that looks like it. Spend time with your good humor. In the end, notice the feeling of happiness and joy, it comes from you and manifests spontaneously when you are consciously in the moment.

6. Train to be your best friend every day

This is a great way to become mentally stronger as it teaches us to trust ourselves and not need others to come looking for us because we can do it ourselves. The next time something doesn’t go as planned, or you start insulting or criticizing yourself, take a break and ask: “Would I let my best friend treat me this way?” or “Would I treat my best friend this way?” The answer is probably no, and it’s a great idea to love yourself as much, if not more, than you love your best friend.

7. Practice saying “no” without an explanation

As a society, we have decided somewhere that we have to have a reason to say no, and not wanting to do something is not reason enough. If you find yourself in that line of thought, drop it.

With a lot of positive practice, you can strengthen your mental muscles and over time, you will become mentally stronger!

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