It’s Embarrassing How Little Some Men Understand About Periods

Wait – guys think the rules are from where?

A recent tweet from a self-proclaimed 19-year-old British ‘Meninist’ set the internet on fire over the weekend.

It’s Embarrassing How Little Some Men Understand About Periods

While talking about the tampon tax, he made this particular statement: “Tampons shouldn’t be free, why does everyone keep saying they should be?” If you can’t control your bladder, that’s not the taxpayer’s problem! ”

Tampons should not be free, why does everyone keep saying they should be?? if u can’t control ur bladder then that’s not taxpayers problem!

— Ryan ø (@ryanwilliams97) October 16, 2016

I was like Wow just……..Wow

There are two things you should know before going any further: what’s the deal with the stamp tax and what a “meninist” is.

What began as an online satire of people (mostly men) preying on feminism, the Meninist movement was mainly used as a hashtag to make jokes about the supposed inequalities between men and women. In theory, the movement aims to shed light on issues related to men’s rights, such as the underreporting of male rape due to social stigma that suggests it makes the male victim homosexual, or somehow less of a male victim. man to be overpowered by someone else.

The problem here is twofold: First, it’s basically feminism for men who think feminism is a dirty word. Feminism fights for the destruction of the negativity surrounding things arbitrarily considered to be traditionally feminine. Feminism fights for the right of men to have full access to the expression of their emotions as they wish. Feminism is fighting for the destruction of fragile masculinity, or the idea that masculinity is such a fragile construction that something as simple as wearing a skirt could somehow shatter.

And the second problem, of course, is that meninists don’t seem to really care about these issues. They much prefer to complain about things like the fact that women do not need to earn equal pay and that taxes on tampons are completely fair.

Which brings me to the second thing you need to know: the stamp tax. Did you know that in many states and countries tampons and sanitary napkins are considered luxury items? Essentially, countries tax most items and make exceptions for so-called essentials: groceries, some over-the-counter drugs, and clothing in some areas are examples of essentials. need. The government has decided that you shouldn’t be taxed for the items you need, only the items you want.

Thus begins the fight against the fact that sanitary napkins and tampons are currently taxed as luxury items. Anyone with rules will tell you that these are definitely not luxury items, they are absolute necessities. It’s either that or we can bleed all over whatever everyone else is sitting on. Good luck in enjoying your comfortable restaurant chairs now.

So why the hell would anyone protest the removal of these stamp taxes? Some may just believe that everything should be taxed, but as seems to be the case with meninists, they may have no real idea of ​​how women’s bodies work.

A one-on-one interview with the author of the now infamous ignorant rules tweet on The Tab seems to prove it. During the interview, the reporter asks: “Sorry. So, do you think women get their period because of their bladder? to which the tweeter, Ryan Williams, 19, replies: “They do. It does. ”

When the reporter tries to tell Williams how the female anatomy works, he quickly interrupts her, insisting, “Oh my God. Stop. It’s getting too graphic for me. I am sorry.”

So somehow this grown man got this far in life believing that we have periods through our bladders, and that we just pee on ourselves all day. Hmph. I wish I could say that this is a problem that is exclusive to this ignorant young man, but it is not. There is an unfortunate part of men in the world who have managed to live their entire adult life without any understanding that a period is something that cannot be controlled, comes from our womb and is not. absolutely not a lazy excuse. to use the bathroom.

There are so many people supporting this boy, that he not only started a GoFundMe for #StopTheBlob (which has since been taken down, showing kindness and fairness to the world), but continues to tweet about his number of followers and his illusory beliefs.

1,163 people agree with me. Making a movement. ?? #SelfControl#StopTheBlob#ImWithRyan

— Ryan ø (@ryanwilliams97) October 17, 2016

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My gorgeous Toy Poodle, castrated when she was a puppy to stop the periods and to prevent any aggression PMT would give her.

— Ryan ø (@ryanwilliams97) October 18, 2016

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I think the best response to this stupidity can best be summed up by Friends‘ Rachel, who tells her male friends, “No uterus, no opinion”

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