I’m Not Difficult, You’re Just Disrespectful

When a woman doesn’t want to compromise on love, respect, and trust it is easy to label her as difficult. For men, it’s easier to pronounce a women impossible than to deal with them. A woman is called a crazy, needy one if she has self-respect and knows what she wants to feel loved, taken care of, and safe.

Many girls think that they might be asking for too much from their boyfriend. But that was not true as I’m not asking you to give anything I’m not already giving you. She only ask for us to be partners who are equal in respect and care for each other.

If you ignore my needs to fulfill yours that doesn’t mean I’m being difficult, but I’m being disrespected. Men thought that we become insecure so hat they can control our relationship and make him the king of my castle.

Women are perfectly aware of how much value they have and demand to be treated with love and respect as we do. It’s not okay to pay attention when they feel like. You’re there for me is the constant feeling I want to feel.

It doesn’t mean that you have to call me 24/7 and I won’t give you freedom, space, or time for your individuality. It only means giving me the respect I deserve and the same kind of respect that you want me to give you.

Just because I have to remind you of the right way to show me love, you call me nagging and demanding. I’m giving you time to change and learn which you should appreciate. You find a way to disappoint me whenever I give you chance to show me how caring you can be.

A woman wouldn’t say anything, unless she is called difficult. To have the privilege of being labeled as easygoing, mild, and relaxed she is expected to settle for mediocre love, mediocre passion, and a mediocre relationship. What you call me speaks of who you are and what your expectations are, so I don’t care.

To get a woman in your life who’ll give you everything, you need to learn to treat her the way she deserves.

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