Trust is a key element in developing a solid relationship with your boyfriend. To help prevent this from happening, learn how to trust your boyfriend, how to restore confidence after a betrayal, and how to manage trust issues.

How To Trust Your Boyfriend:

1.Let him out with his friends.

Your world does not round around you and your boyfriend alone. Give him his personal space and time. Let him spend time with his friends, family to show you trust them and have faith in your relationship.

2. Do not continue to call him when he is away.

Some girls allow their boyfriends to go out with friends, but they continue to monitor what they do, where they are and who they are with almost every second of the day. Trusting your boyfriend means knowing that he will call and update you by himself. Let your boyfriend enjoy his social life. You wouldn’t want your boyfriend to do the same when you go out with your “girl” friends. Remember what one writer said, “Don’t do to others what you don’t want others to do to you.”

3. Don’t be too inquisitive. 

Where have you been? Why did you come home so late? You drank too much? Who did you drink with? Were there girls? It’s okay to ask, but don’t ask too many questions; he will feel that you doubt him and his actions. Wait for him to talk to you by himself. By doing so, you are making him feel more comfortable and free to speak his mind.

4. Stay calm and rational.

While talking to your boyfriend,  stay calm and rational. Also, you can’t always expect him to understand what you mean. Ask him, but don’t judge his answers. Let him explain and let you understand the context of the situation.

5. Believe in what he says.

After hearing his answers, believe what he says. Don’t call him a liar, a traitor, an idiot, or whatever. Rather, make him feel that you don’t doubt his words because you love him so much that you trust what he says. This gives him the obligation to always be honest with you.

6. Don’t let your past affect your current relationship.

If you have experienced grief in the past, not just once, but many times, it is understandable that you have confidence issues. You can’t make your boyfriend suffer from your ex-lover’s mistake. He is a different person. It’s your now and it can be your future, so trust it.

7. Trust yourself. 

You know, it’s hard to give something you don’t have. Trust yourself; claim. And let him trust himself too.

8. Trust your love.

As we always say, love triumphs over everything. Trust your boyfriend because you trust the love you have for each other. For those who already have a solid foundation in your relationship, keep the trust and the love burns. Trust your boyfriend enough when you think of yourself as a girlfriend.

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