How to take care of your sensitive skin

Sensitive skin like very dry skin, prone to skin reactions such as pustules, skin bumps or skin erosion and tends to blush and blush. Excessively dry skin can no longer protect the nerve endings, causing sensitive skin reactions.

Excessive exposure to environmental factors such as sun and wind or excessive heat or cold can also cause a sensitive skin reaction. Underlying factors, as well as genetics, can increase the sensitivity of your skin.

How to take care of your sensitive skin

How to take care of your sensitive skin

1. Drink Lemon Water Daily

Those with sensitive skin should start their day with a glass of lemon water. Vitamin C and other antioxidants found in lemon help fight free radical damage. In addition, lemon water flushes toxins from your blood, which helps keep skin glowing and free from acne, blemishes, wrinkles, and other problems.

To make lemon water, squeeze the juice of ½ lemon into a glass of warm water. Add some raw honey and drink it on an empty stomach every morning.

Additionally, drink water throughout the day at regular intervals to keep your skin hydrated and hydrated from the inside. It also helps the body to flush out toxins.

2. Use Sunscreen Year-round

Sunscreen is very important in protecting sensitive skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Since most sunscreens contain toxic ingredients or endocrine-disrupting chemicals that can harm sensitive skin, use sunscreen that contains ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

These ingredients provide broad-spectrum protection without causing side effects. It is better to opt for a physical or mineral formula. In addition, observe a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30, which blocks 97% of UV rays.

Whether in summer, winter or cloudy weather, do not leave your home without using sunscreen. Apply it 20 to 30 minutes before going out in the sun.

Also, avoid being outside in the middle of the day when the sun’s rays are strongest, wear a wide-brimmed hat and wear loose clothing to cover exposed skin.

3. Choose Skin Care Products Carefully

Whether it’s a cleanser, moisturizer, soap or face pack, you need to buy the right products for your sensitive skin.

Avoid using skin care and cosmetic products containing alcohol, harsh scrubs, sodium lauryl sulfate, petrochemicals, acids, dyes, or synthetic fragrances, as they can irritate the skin.

If you’re having trouble finding the right kind of cosmetic and skin care products, go for products labeled “hypoallergenic” and “fragrance-free.”

Always do a patch test before buying a new skin care product. If you are unsure of a product, seek expert advice before purchasing it.

4. Go Easy on Cosmetics

People with sensitive skin should be very careful when buying and making up.

Throw away old products and don’t share makeup with others. Also, if possible, avoid using too much makeup.

5. Moisturize with Coconut Oil

Pure extra virgin coconut oil is a natural moisturizer for sensitive skin. It contains a good amount of fatty acids that help keep your skin well hydrated and prevent dryness. Coconut oil penetrates deep into the pores, nourishing and hydrating from the inside.

In addition, coconut oil treats conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema due to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It can even protect the skin from damage from the sun.

Before falling asleep, simply apply coconut oil to your face, arms and legs and massage with it. Wash it in the morning. Do it daily to make your skin soft and smooth. For a soothing bath, mix 1 cup of extra virgin coconut oil in warm bathwater. Soak for 15 minutes and dry completely.

6. Cleanse with Milk

Milk has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that help remove dry, itchy skin. It also helps keep skin hydrated and improves skin tone.

To use milk as a cleanser, dip a cotton ball in raw milk and dab it on your face. Leave on for 5 to 15 minutes, then rinse your face with lukewarm water.

To make a moisturizing mask with raw milk, add ½ teaspoon of gram flour, also called besan, to enough raw milk to make a paste. Mix a few drops of raw honey and rose water. Apply it on your face and neck, leave it for 10 minutes then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Use this facial mask once a week.

7. Pamper Your Skin with Rose Water

The natural refreshing, astringent, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of rose water are good for sensitive skin. It also helps balance the skin’s pH without making it too oily or dry. In addition, being natural, it does not cause any skin reaction.

Before bed, spray rose water on your face and massage gently.

It also works as a natural makeup remover. Simply moisten a cotton ball with rose water and use it to gently remove your makeup. You can also add 2 cups of rose water to your bath for a divine experience that will soften and refresh your skin.

8. Eat Healthy Foods

A healthy diet is good for sensitive skin as well as your whole body. Take care to get the right balance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins, omega-3s and monounsaturated fats in your diet to keep your skin healthy and avoid dry, irritated skin.

Increase your intake of anti-inflammatory foods, such as olive oil, garlic, turmeric, ginger, tart cherries, wild salmon, spinach, sweet potatoes, blueberries, nuts and avocados.

Some foods that can cause skin reactions in people with sensitive skin are gluten-based foods like wheat bread, soy sauce, beer, grains, and anything that contains wheat flour, rye, and barley. Soy and soy foods, eggs, red wine, and foods containing artificial colors and preservatives can also cause problems.

9. Switch to Green Tea

It is full of antioxidants, which help protect the skin from harmful free radicals and keep it rejuvenated and youthful. It also helps soothe your skin.

Drink a few cups of green tea daily to fight the various signs of aging and reduce damage from the sun. In addition, you can keep the brewed green tea in the refrigerator and use it to cleanse your face.

You can also opt for skin care products in which green tea is one of the main ingredients.

10. Exfoliate Weekly

For all skin types, including sensitive skin, exfoliating your skin is important. It helps to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin, thus speeding up the process of skin renewal and improving the texture of your skin.

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Exfoliation also helps reduce the appearance of blackheads and acne breakouts.

Make your own exfoliating mask using natural products. Crush a few strawberries and add a little yogurt and ground oats to make a thick paste.

Apply this paste on your clean face and massage gently in circular motions. Rinse it off with a washcloth soaked in cool water. Finally, apply a gentle moisturizer.

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Do not exfoliate sensitive skin too much. Once every 8 to 14 days is sufficient.

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