How to start losing weight in 30s

for Losing weight at any age is a huge challenge. But losing weight in your 30s is especially hard. Why? Because a smart weight loss plan for women over 30 can take a lot of time and energy. And it’s nearly impossible to find extra time during a stage of life when career and family are top priorities. So is it impossible for a woman in her 30s to lose weight? Absolutely not! It just takes smart planning and organization. Use these tips specifically tailored to address the unique challenges you face when you try to slim down at 30 and beyond.

Losing Weight In Your 30s:

  • Space Out Your Protein.
  • Learn to manage stress.
  • Cover your medical issues.
  • Ditch The Diet Soda
  • Stop falling for fad diets.
  • Fast but don’t starve.

Learn to manage stress.

Your 30 years can be the most stressful moment of your life. Babies, work stress and relationship problems can keep you awake at night. Even the simple act of dieting can cause stress. But those challenges can cause problems if they are not addressed. “The stress of life can challenge your metabolism by activating the response to stress and, in turn, the storage of fat”, “so that lifestyle balance is key.”

How to start losing weight in 30s

  1. Solution: Get support from friends and family or contact a certified professional if you think stress prevents you from losing weight.

Cover your medical issues.

The 30s can bring you different health problems that were not present in your 20 years. These concerns may also be related to your weight. That is why it is important to have a regular medical check-up to cover all your probable medical problems. Diabetes, hypertension, as well as PCOS, can be quite common at this age.

The age of growth is not so bad unless you go through it with grace. So check all the necessary points and make the perfect plan to embrace your 30 years, after all, it’s just the beginning of endless possibilities!

Ditch The Diet Soda

At 30, it is very likely that you have realized that sugar will not do you any favors, and perhaps because of that, you have stood firm in your habit of 20 some diet.

No calories = no calories, right? Incorrect.

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Several studies show possible problems with artificial sweeteners, which prevail in the favorite diet of cola, from weight gain, loss of sensitivity to sweets, and even an increased risk of diabetes. And, recent research links diet sodas with an increased risk of stroke and dementia. The study did not find a direct cause and effect, but it is one more scientific clue that people who drink many diet sodas have adequate health.

Stop falling for fad diets.

30-year-old women are too smart and sophisticated to fall for the right diet trends that younger women fall for. Ariane explains why these fashions can cause harm. “If you have been on a diet every once in a while until age 30, your metabolism is likely to be confused. With each new diet attempt, you can put your body into starvation mode and weight loss is getting harder”.

  1. Solution: Your first step to healthy eating is to evaluate your daily caloric intake. Then, be sure to eat enough protein to maintain a healthy metabolism, limit your sugar intake.

Fast but don’t starve.

One study found that when the body felt that food was scarce, it protected itself by inhibiting calories and burning fat. So, if you are 30 years old and you think that starving yourself due to bad eating habits will help you lose kilos, you should think again. Instead, focus on changing the way you see how to start and stop your meals and snacks. The secret: eat until you’re hungry, not until you’re full.

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You can also consider a fasting plan, which is different from “starving” every day. Fasting has been shown to help you lose weight and prevent some of the diseases that may lurk around the corner in a few decades.

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