How To Make A True Friendship?

You will not find any personality type on the list. We also do not need humor, although I would not want my friendships without a healthy dose. So how to know what true friendship is? And how to make it?

Well, here’s how to make a true friendship:

  • Affection
  • Constance
  • Transparency
  • Empathy
  • Confidence

LEt’s discuss them in detail

How To Make A True Friendship?

1. Affection

One of the most commonly used words for friendship is Oheb. It means “the one who loves”. Close friends hold each other in high esteem. They love each other.

2. Constance

He will never turn away or abandon you. Constant friends facilitate hard times and easy times. A popular proverb says: “A friend loves forever”, “and a brother was born for adversity”.

We enter or leave at will. It’s beauty, right? Unlike marriage and family, we have no obligation to respect them. We freely give our loyalty as a continuous choice. But once we enter it, is it also true that we have no responsibility towards our friends? No. Everyone awaits the loyalty of their friends. The Bible even commands it: When disaster strikes, “Do not forsake your friend or your father’s friend.” All true friendship is, in a sense, conventional.

3. Transparency

We know that friendship requires honesty. True friends don’t just know the truth about each other; they know the whole truth. The true friend sees us more clearly than we even see ourselves. As the light shines through transparent objects, real friends can see in our souls. They learn our strongest beliefs, opinions, and fears. We open the doors of our souls to our friends. Each of us needs at least one person who knows us as well as we know ourselves, perhaps even better than ourselves. True friends walk together in the light.

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4. Empathy

It is the ability to enter your mind, to look at the world through your eyes. We understand what they feel and why they feel it. And we also feel it with them.

Empathy shapes the whole tone of a relationship. We exchange the assertion for sarcasm. We talk to whom to talk to. We speak by listening to sentences to change the subject. We know what makes them tick and what discourages them. We understand and adapt to our emotional state.

5. Confidence

True friends keep secrets.

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Proverbs says, beware! because it breaks even the closest relationship. Gossip erodes trust and mistrust erodes friendship. It is the opposite of security. If you think someone can talk about your problems behind your back, you won’t share them anymore. You will not open up. This will affect how you view each aspect of the relationship. These friendship ingredients are not guarantees. This is because friends have to return these marks. We may want someone to be our friend. We can show them affection, constancy, empathy, etc. But if that friend does not share the desire for friendship, that will not happen.

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