How To Make A Girl Want You And Get Her Attention

In the life of every man, there are two important questions that must be answered:

  1. How do you get a girl’s attention?
  2. Where’s my beer?

While the last question is relatively easy to answer (and get), the first is the more difficult, and often followed by these two questions: How do you get a girl to move? How to seduce the girl you want?

How To Make A Girl Want You And Get Her Attention

Too many procedures and not a single answer. You know what? I think it’s high time to change that!

My friend, I dare say you are lucky, because if there is anyone in the world who can teach you how to get a girl’s attention, it is a woman, or should I say – myself.

I guess I already caught your attention with the second question where I mentioned (almost) all the guys’ Holy Liquid known as beer. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m female and I love beer like any other Holy Liquid lover.)

So I think we’ll get along pretty well. If you wanted to get my attention, a pint of beer would (probably) do the job, BUT (“brace yourself for disappointment”) it doesn’t work on all girls (or should I say on the girl you like. ).

That’s why, my friend, you need to step up your game and learn what a girl wants from you and how you can make her want YOU in person, on Instagram, on Snapchat and via SMS!

And, don’t worry … in case you can’t seem to master the art of capturing his attention, remember that you are still drinking a beer. (I know, I should stop trying to be so humorous and heartwarming).

How to get a girl’s attention (and keep her)

1. Impress her with your style

If anyone has ever told you that girls don’t care much about your looks, outfits and the like, I feel obligated to tell you that is a BIG lie!

Ask yourself, what do you first notice about a girl? Is it her smile, her outfit and other details that catch your attention?

Well the same can apply to you. So, if you want to get a girl’s attention, you have to make a good first impression! (I’m so excited by this phrase because it even rhymes!).

Pick up a cool jacket, t-shirts and jeans. Spice up your outfit with a power watch, scarf or ring (my, my… Johnny Depp surely knows how to rock those rings!).

Rock your own style and don’t just wear the first thing that comes to your mind!

It doesn’t mean you have to follow the latest fashions, but at least make an effort to find some interesting accessories and clothes to impress the girl you love!

2. Make your life interesting and exciting

What is your biggest passion in life? Do you have any interesting hobbies? If you say you watch football, drink beer, and play video games, something needs to be changed ASAP.

To be honest, I have nothing against anything. I love beer, I love video games, and I tolerate football. But do you think it’s quite interesting and exciting and surely will grab his attention? And… I thought so.

If you know how to play an instrument (preferably the guitar), half of your attention work is done.

And, if you know how to rock your own style, I swear I can see the girl falling for you at lightning speed already!

Every girl knows that passionate men are the best partners! Strive to gain new perspectives and learn new things. Enjoy life and you will make her attractive enough for her to want to join you!

3. Find your signature scent (or just smell good)

Girls love scents! If you want to catch this girl’s attention, you’ll need to find your signature scent.

Find a scent that perfectly describes your personality and your lifestyle. I think it won’t be a difficult task given that the media does a great job describing each scent and the message behind us.

The reason you have to do this is to implement the scent in the girl’s mind so that every time she smells something close to your scent it instantly reminds her of your presence.

However, if you’re not sure which scent is best for you (or if you don’t have your favorite and know you never will), then just smell good.

Any perfume is better than no perfume. I’m sure the character from Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer would agree with me on this one.

4. Make your presence known and feel

When you walk into the room, do you have the feeling that you are invisible and that other people don’t notice you and don’t even try to? There may be a valid reason behind this.

If you are having difficulty making your presence known and felt, this will also reflect how others perceive you.

If you don’t let others know you are there right now, you won’t get their attention.

Worse yet, you don’t get their attention! If you want her to notice you, speak with dignity and confidence, walk confidently like a boss, and think like a boss.

Show the world that you know how to grab any girl’s attention effortlessly and naturally. Until you become a master of this game, simulate it until you get there!

5. Play reverse psychology

It is said that men fall in love with the absence of a woman and not with her presence. I’m sure the same can apply to women as well.

I guess you know what I’m talking about. Yes, I’m talking about the art of playing hard.

Shower her with compliments, be a true gentleman, listen to her every word intently, text her frequently, and then, just for a moment, a day (or a few), stop doing it all.

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Do you know what happens then?

She will start to wonder what she did wrong, she will feel like she lost something that she didn’t even have and she will become the one fighting for your attention!

Even though this reverse psychology game sounds brilliant, like I’m an over-thinker, I hate it from the bottom of my heart.

And, although I know perfectly well how it works, I fall into the same trap every time. “The advantages” of being an overly reflective woman.

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