How To Have A Growth Mindset

Mindsets are our driving forces. They determine and frame the way in which we live our lives and even define if they will be successful or not. So, when it comes to acquiring success and being the best version of ourselves growing and developing our mindsets is a must.

This can be a huge battle to believe in us and remove the idea that we do not have the ability to be great.

How To Have A Growth Mindset

The two typical mindsets we generally posses in our life:

  • a fixed state of mind – when we believe that our skills and our strengths are set in stone and that we only have a certain level of intelligence, a set of forces, a type of personality, even a moral character ( for example, we believe we are good at math and science, but not at all when it comes to learning a new language).
  • a growth mindset – when we believe that we can develop our skills and strengths through continuous effort and grow with our life experiences (for example, even though we had difficulties in math class in high school, we don’t let it) dissuade us from pursuing an MBA even if it means that we will have to practice the same skills that we found difficult).

Talented women do not volunteer to lead committees, participate in important work projects or set sufficiently ambitious goals. Therefore, women are not at the forefront of a manager’s mind when it comes to increases, promotions, and distinctions. “

Successful women adopt a growth mindset, which means that they are in a continuous state of self-improvement. They do not rest and simply appreciate the talents or skills they have accumulated up to a certain point in their lives. Quite the contrary: they are curious to know more, to improve, to improve their skills and to acquire new ones that will help them on the path to success.

Here’s How To Have A Growth Mindset

1. Learn something new every day.

This one is easier than it seems. I just started listening to podcasts in the car instead of listening to music all the time. It helped me acquire new customers and even a new business. I am constantly learning new marketing techniques and wellness tips. I’m not saying podcasts are the answer. I say knowledge is. I am convinced that when you stop learning, you stop growing.

2. Seek opportunities to learn wherever and whenever.

The study should not be limited to the classroom alone. You can go to the library and buy books on a topic that intrigues you, or take an online course, or watch free tutorials on YouTube to develop a skill you’ve always wanted. I built THIS website, but watching YouTube tutorials. I couldn’t pay $ 10,000 for something I could do in 8 hours.

3. Surround yourself with the “growth mindset” people.

You probably get tired of talking to me about this, but I never want you to forget the importance of surrounding yourself with great people. The people you allow around you (family, friends or your partner) can have an impact on your mood, attitude, belief system and even what you perceive as your strengths or weaknesses.

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4. Change the way you view success.

Instead of thinking that success is that the ultimate goal, start thinking that adding value is that the ultimate thanks to proving a real success. Focus on creating things that add value to your customers and the people around you.

5. Challenge your fear.

I must admit that I was paralyzed by fear. I would not post a single blog or article on social media because of the fear I had. I was afraid of not being loved, I was afraid of being rejected and I was afraid of what people would think of me. Every day I feel this fear and I do it anyway. I am reassured to know that other women are just as scared when they do something outside of their comfort zone. What is this thing that you fear to do for your career or your business? Let that fear you feel prompt you to do it anyway.

6. Don’t be complacent.

It doesn’t matter if you want a normal or abnormal abnormality in your career or your personal life, you strive for more than is comfortable. If you want something more, you have to strive for something more. You have to take the time to understand the ins and outs of your field and its related fields, and get to know people in different businesses, in different positions, in different cities. The worst thing you can do is stop widening your social circle. As soon as you get complacent, you don’t worry about going to social functions, learning new opportunities, and you don’t worry about behaving with the same enthusiasm as when you were young.

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7. Be open-minded to new opportunities.

You would have a better chance of creating the life you want, growing up as a human being, and achieving success regularly if you just keep an open mind. A perfect example of openness is when I was approached to start blogging for a Christian blog. I had not actively participated in church and I had never written a blog before. I took advantage of it and it led me to build Empowering Women Now. It shows that keeping an open mind has the power to open other doors that you couldn’t even see at the time.

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