How to empower a woman

March 8 is celebrated around the world as International Women’s Day, a day when everyone commits to honor, respect and value the women in their lives.

However, in a sexist society, how to guarantee gender parity throughout the year? In a world where women are often poorly judged for the most insignificant choices, can we really say that women are completely independent? Probably not.

How to empower a woman

Before talking about empowering women, we must first know why we should do it. The reason is simple and universal. Women deserve to be empowered and deserve an equal footing because they are certainly not the weakest sex. It is their right to benefit from all the opportunities and advantages reserved for men for years.

Let’s remember how to empower a woman.

1. Ensure women’s safety

In the streets, women wage a tacit war every day. Some are attacked, some molested and others raped. Truth be told, there is no shelter for women anywhere since most of these horrible cases occur inside homes and offices. Although the government must enact strict laws for the safety and security of women, we must also keep our eyes open for criminals.

2. Use your buying power.

Yes, we earn less than men, but that does not mean that we are not the ones who run the economy. In fact, women influence 83% of spending in the United States each year. This represents $ 7 trillion a year.

We literally have the power to decide which Fortune 500 company stays on or off the list. We have the power to support companies that have female CEOs. We have the power to change the fact that women are paid less than men by choosing to buy from them, by choosing to support the companies that support women.

3. Healthcare

Security is not only about fighting criminals, but also about creating a safe and sustainable environment for women around the world. Ensure a safe and holistic environment and regular checkups.

4. Time

Take the time to have a coffee with your friends. Check their mental health. Listen to them and if they ask, share your advice. There is something really powerful when women make strong friendships.

Go further and offer to advise someone. It’s easier than it seems. I joined the college from which I graduated and I had a student who accompanied me to work.

5. Teach job skills

All it takes is a small skill for a woman to start a career. Whether it’s gardening, sewing or crafts, these efforts can help them start their own small business. Share new ideas with them and help them learn because empowering women starts with small initiatives.

6. Raise your voice against gender inequality

Above all, raise your voice. Defend every woman and help reduce the gender disparities that prevail in all strata of society.

7. Give her Freedom

We tend to involve restrictions on women each time. Now is the time to change the equation.

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Do not link them in orthodox chains of views. Give them the freedom they deserve.

If you want to change something, broaden your mind and see what happens to successful women.

8. Donate

Find a charity you love, you will never regret being nice. In the past 5 years, I have donated to Compassion. You can choose who you want to sponsor. I decided to sponsor a young girl. She is now 13 years old and still goes to school. Most of the girls her age went out to help at home. Because of the small donation, I make each month, she will continue to receive an education.

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9. Use your network

There are times when I am in the right place at the right time and I hear about an opportunity that I know will benefit a woman in my life. It can be a small project or a job opportunity. By being aware of my surroundings and remembering that I shouldn’t just take care of myself, I was able to get careers, projects, and concerts with my friends. You can empower them by simply presenting them to someone in your network. You never know if this relationship will lead to greater opportunity.

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