How To Deal With Jealous Friends

You think you have the world’s great friends. You had too many fun moments to count and laughed so hard that you cried. They have always seemed so supportive to you, especially during difficult times and have been so loyal.

Then one day they challenge you on trivial things and downplay your success. You feel that they almost want you to fail. Jealousy stems from insecurity, pure and simple. Jealousy covet desired things that others hold. It will be love, financial safety, independence, self-control, freedom, happiness or anything that has great personal value for a person who becomes jealous of you. You shall be wondering, “How does a jealous person act?�? Well, they start to feel embarrassed when good things happen to you. Read on for some great tips on how to deal with a jealous friend.

How To Deal With Jealous Friends


One of the best ways to deal with a jealous friend is to put yourself in his stilettos. Is she unsure of her appearance? Maybe she is in a relationship or a job that she is not happy with while you touch seems to turn into gold. Maybe she feels left out of your other friends. Whatever the case, try to see it from his side. You may realize that she has been through a difficult time and that you are not exactly sensitive to her feelings.


Another most effective way to deal with a jealous friend is to confront her behavior. If she throws a few little comments while you shop, don’t feel guilty and put things back; say that you have saved for a nice handbag or that you have worked twice and you are buying a new dress. Do not change your normal behavior to appease your friend, be confident and do not apologize for what you are doing.


Even if your friend’s behavior can drive you crazy, avoiding it is not a useful way to manage an envious friend. If you start not to see her or ignore her calls, it will only make things worse between you, especially if she is jealous that you are friends with other people. It is also very possible that she does not realize that her behavior is causing a break between the two of you and silent treatment is not a way to deal with them.


If you want another great way to manage your greedy companion, try to help them. Help her try to become more comfortable with what makes her so jealous. Praise her and show her the good things she has for her. You might get some resistance from her, but be honest with her. Maybe she has beautiful hair or is crazy about pop culture, tell her. She could be around people who criticize her a lot and she needs positive reinforcement from time to time.


It’s a different way of dealing with a jealous friend than number 2. Confronting it involves a little more heart-to-heart conversation. Elevate her behavior and see what’s going on with her. She may be dealing with a lot of heavy stuff that you had no idea about. People deal with problems in different ways, and his behavior could be his way of handling things.


If you tried to help him and confront his behavior and nothing changes; you might need a break from it, temporarily or maybe permanently. If your jealous friend becomes toxic and you just can’t reach her, you might be better off without her.

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Simply put, they want something you have.

  • You got a job promotion.
  • You get a great new guy
  • Have you just made money?
  • You have just bought a beautiful new house.
  • You recently got engaged.
  • This new car that you drive is really nice.
  • You have gone into debt and have extra money.
  • You just had a baby.

Perhaps you worked very hard for this promotion, sacrificed time with your family or survived personal storms to get the life you have now. Maybe you and your husband have sacrificed a lot to get your financial freedom and a good lifestyle.


If your friends display minor and isolated jealous behavior, it may not be important enough to empty them. If your friend’s jealous behavior bothers you, makes you feel depressed, irritated, anxious, angry, and hurt, you should really ask yourself whether or not they deserve to be in your life. When you feel like you’re giving more than you get all the time, think about keeping these friends. Animosity builds up over time and like an elastic that is too tight, it will eventually break.

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Have you ever heard of the cliché “Misery loves company?�? It’s hard to swallow and understand when they’re supposed to be your friends. Would they admit that? Probably not!!! Most likely, they will deny that they are jealous.

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